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Who would you select for a Mount Rushmore on actors and/or singers?

Asked by ucme (50047points) May 6th, 2015

Carved in stone to mark their greatness.
Remember, you only get four to choose from.
Up to you the ratio of actors to Rock singers.
Or go for both categories seperately.

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Film actors or stage and screen? You didn’t say.

Marlon Brando, Daniel Day Lewis, Katherine Hepburn, Lawrence Olivier.

Rock singers or just rockers (you specified singers)?

Janis Joplin, Elvis, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon.

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Any actor will do & any singer, Rock was a gag see.

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I’d just have Sloth from the Goonies in 4 different poses.

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If they could make it look like this, that would be amazing!

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Josh Homme
Frank Sinatra
Jim Morrison
John Lennon

fuck actors

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The entire main cast of Star Trek TOS, TNG, and DS9

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I nominate…


De Niro



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Rock band: The Beatles

Actors Male: Anthony Hopkins, James Earl Jones, Peter O’Toole, Morgan Freeman

Actors Female: Helen Mirren, Judy Densh, Maggie Smith, Meryl Streep

Although I would actually prefer to see these guys
Classical music: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Johann Strauss the Younger

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Music: The Beatles

Rock Hudson
Sharon Stone

okay, I’m out

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^ Wins a cigar for bagging the Rock Hudson bait.

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Billy Idol
Lady Gaga
Billy Currington

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@Kardamom I love your choices.
Since I would figure that they would have to be Americans. Which would get rid of a lot of my to favorites, then it would come down to the following choices.

Singer: Nat King Cole or Aretha Franklin

Actors: Jack Nickleson, Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. or Kevin Spacey

Actresses: Lauren Bacall, Meryll Streep, Michelle pfeiffer, Kathy Bates

Comedian / actor: Robin Williams

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I’d just make it all Vikings.

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@Symbeline Horny bitch XD

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Love blowin’ dem Viking horns. XD

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Personal preference aside:
John Wayne
Marilyn Monroe
Dolly Parton

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