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Name the cliché Chinese song.

Asked by Hobbes510 (56points) July 16th, 2008 from iPhone

what does one call the song that goes: ting ting ting ting tong tong tun tun ting?

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Golly. No can do. Good luck on this one!

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no idea what the song is, but I did find it sort of amusing that I knew exactly what song you were talking about the second I saw this question.

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Could it be this

On that same theme, the typical song in westerns being plunked out in the saloon, is Sweet Betsey From Pike. It has several versions for the lyrics, some more risque than others.

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i believe that is what ur talking about

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@waterskier: I believe Chopsticks was so named because of the “improper” method used in fingering, which resembles a set of chopsticks. It starts with a sets of six. It doesn’t fit the pattern above.

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oh well i really didnt gleam much from the great description we were provided :) but whatever, just my input

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Not musically talented at all myself…just envious. One of my best friends is a professional pianist. All I could play before that was chopsticks, so she taught me basic fingering. I also can’t read more than basic music, but I have been her “professional” page turner at times. She has a secret coding system for me that she developed. She came up with it when we were in college, so that I could get a few free meals when they performed off campus. She was so good that no one was aware that I couldn’t read music. We also had horrible on campus food, so it was a lifesaver.

I recognized it because I’m an old movie buff and they use that tune a lot.

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KUDOS to Seesul. Excellent job answering this difficult question.

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Tikki Tikki Tumbo Ness A Rumbo Tikki Tikki Tumbo Tum

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