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Is anyone else tired off paying too much to have your iPhone?

Asked by siri (70points) July 17th, 2008 from iPhone

having to pay $150 dollars every month through atnt so I can have and iPhone is getting ridiculous. Won’t they come out with a better plan like soon.

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they probably will come out with a better plan… They’re contract with apple, I believe, is going to expire in a year or sometime soon… I really have forgotten (watch the first keynote when he first announced iPhone back in January ‘07). But I can’t complain because I only pay $50 a month for mine ;-P… Existing customer on an extended line (originally $10 for just that) then I have unlimited data (+ $20) and unlimited texting (+ about $15 – $20)

Oh yeah, and I got mine half a year ago…

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your with rogers too eh? If you are I’m in the same boat. But this device is simply to amazing for a silly little price tag to stop me from owning it.

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hey count yourselves lucky, down under in Australia we pay $30 a month get $25 worth of eligible calls and sms (thats 25c a sms and 80c per min) and a whopping 5 count ‘em 5mb of data, per month! on the upside we get free, unlimited wi-fi at starbucks, Mc Donalds and various places in the cities

edit: : plus the cost of the phone ($279 or $399)

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I used to have a Sidekick before my iPhone and I really appreciated the $20, unlimited data and SMS plan.

AT&T should look into it.

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$150/month?! My god! I’m actually glad I’m in England for once! I pay £35 ($70 USD) for unlimited data, 600 minutes and 500 texts!

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if you don’t like the plan, don’t buy the phone. and why are u paying 150, u can get a plan for 89 bucks. do you really need everything you have

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I have my iPhone wrapped up in our family plan. Three phones including mine. My wife and I have unlimited text between her and I, and limited texting on the final phone which is the house/business phone. All said and done, it pretty much costs an extra $20 a month to cover the data plan (I have a first generation).

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