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What message is God sending to Christian Fundamentalists in Texas with the current drought/deadly deluge cycle?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) June 1st, 2015

Can you read the Teaparty leaves?

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That they are not fighting hard enough against gay marriage and libruls.

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While it might be fun to imagine that these “plagues” are visited exclusively on believers, the reality allows fundamentalists to spout the opposite. They are merely caught in the draft of the wrath of God’s punishment of the wicked (us).

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Build an ark?

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God conceded a long time ago that Texas was beyond even HIS help.

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< Christian here. God is judging our nation.

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@snowberry – I wish God would butt out of the small stuff. This is what as known (in the business world) as micro-management. It doesn’t end well.

God – if it exists – should be concentrating on big stuff – existence, good, evil, etc. Getting into low level details has not been particularly successful for God (he had to create Noah to wash away the mistakes of civilization that he created).

Tell God, if he listens to you, to butt out of the small stuff.

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I tend to think religion is the one subject God takes no interest in. Any messages are sent with all of us in mind.

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Maybe the message is something as simple as: reminding us of just how unreasonably snide and sarcastic our fellow man can be.

Perhaps, for me, it is another reminder of Phillipians 4:8

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But what for, that is the question.
The terrible human rights record?
The disdain for minorities?
The institutional racism?
The war against the poor?
The perpetual war in the middle east?
The systemic corruption of the political system?
The supremacy of Mammon?

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@ragingloli It’s probably because the Republicans are not following the teachings of Christ and are acting like hypocrites in his name. Christ believed in helping the poor and the meek, caring for the sick, loving thy neighbor, turning the other cheek, not casting stones, etc.

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“I am great and I don’t discriminate!”

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“The wrong team won the Super Bowl.”

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“Grow up already!”

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@snowberry Judging our nation for what? We’re more humane, in general, than we’ve ever been in history.

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It’s pretty obvious. God is punishing Texans for voting Republican.

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@snowberry It’s a good thing you don’t represent most Christians.

But yeah, since Texans are God’s soldiers on earth, they’re clearly not doing a good enough job fighting against acceptance of homosexuality.

But that doesn’t explain why extremely anti-gay African nations get the short end of the stick…

Lots of problems with the “God punishes by affecting the environment” angle.

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I’ll not be voting for the incumbent God in the next election.

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You guys make me laugh.

@DominicY You’re right. Nobody’s been able to label me yet.

I found The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn to be quite informative, and as I am not an authority, If you have questions, you might want to direct them to Mr. Cahn. You can buy his book or you can watch him on Youtube.

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I don’t think Jonathan Cahn is an authority either, @snowberry. But you have fun with that.

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Well, according to Matthew 5:45, The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike and the sun shines on people whether they are good or evil.

Make of it what you will. But personally, I don’t believe in pretending to speak for God. That’s a preoccupation frought with pretense if there ever were one.

Jerry Falwell wasn’t too good at it and neither are most who try to follow his example.

However, I must admit it’s kinda fun to tweak them a little by telling them that it’s all the result of their hateful attitudes towards gays. God doesn’t like hatred in any form.

“Didnt I send my Son to teach you that? What’s the matter with you? He loved even tax collectors, forgave the woman at the well, told the crowd that any sinless ones cast the first stone and told the thief on the cross that he would be with him in paradise. His harshest criticism was reserved for the judgemental primary religious leaders of the times, (Pharisees) calling them whited sepulchres full of dead men’s bones. And you still don’t get the point? Well, maybe some huge amounts of water (or none at all) will get your attention. Enjoy.”

However, Fundys are rather well known for their lack of a funny bone, so everyone else will be laughing while watching them fuming :)

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The lesson they should be learning, which they of course are not, is the folly in ignoring God’s laws of nature, which predict that loading the atmosphere with greenhouse gases will play havoc on the local weather.

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I was not accurate in my answer above. Actually the massive flooding and tornados that are happening in Texas are similar to disasters happening all over the world. God has not singled Texas out, but many disasters in other parts of the world are worse in geographical area and in lives lost. Many Christians like myself believe this increase in disasters are indeed God’s warnings and yes, judgment.

The answer is not derision and finger pointing, but repentance and humility.

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Damn it. He’s at it again. Creating storms that kill innocent children because some people are….doing what? What is he judging us for?

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WHAT AM I BEING JUDGED FOR???? What did I do? How can I change if I have no idea what I’ve been doing wrong?

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Everybody sing along… here Come Da Judge…link

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