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What happens when the beneficiary of a will refuses to accept the terms of the bequest?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) June 6th, 2015

For example, Roger dies and say I can inherit money if I promise to provide care for his labradoodle, Mlle. Pamplemousse.
Or to take it a bit farther, Roger dies and leaves $20,000.000 to his alma mater if they agree to change the name of a building to Pamplemousse Hall and will, after the dog’s death, have him stuffed and kept on perpetual display in a prominent place of honor in the building.
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I would say it would go to the next beneficiary should one be named. If not that, held in some fiduciary fund for a time in case the original named beneficiary changes their mind and capitulates. If they never do, and there is no one else named, maybe the next closes relative can contest it, but my guess is that the state will figure a way to knee hook it for the government.

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Then it gets tied up in the courts.

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I am pretty sure that in my state the property would then be intestate and go to the next and nearest relative.

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