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What is Remacc.Ammyy and why does it show up on my messages?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) June 12th, 2015

Is this a virus? My Norton complete screen didn’t find it. Any help greatly appreciated.

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What message? Your email? Sounds like an adware to me.

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It shows up as on online message.

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Like what? A browser suddenly open on your computer saying you have won something?

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@Adirondackwannabe Looks like a hot one ! Here’s the Symantec take on it.

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Maybe maybe not.

Remacc means ‘remote access’ and Ammyy is a (legitimate) company that is in the business of remote help desk customer support (their website link).

So it is not necessarily spyware, although someone could have used it that way. At our business, we use a similar product to assist our customers. Is it possible that you had asked for customer support from somebody you were doing business with?

Bottom line – I would not automatically jump to the conclusion that this is malevolent. Maybe some business you were working with was trying to talk to you.

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Thanks everyone. I got it after your answers. It was Microsoft trying to do a remote access on my computer after I got an error message. It failed, but the message kept coming up. I fixed it and it’s gone.

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