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What are you doing this weekend?

Asked by happiNESS (138points) July 18th, 2008
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We’ll be packing and cleaning all weekend. Boo! Then again I won’t be doing much of it because my doctor wants me to stay off my feet to give this baby an extra week to bake.

We’re moving two weeks from today! And I’m going to pop at any moment!

So everyone have some extra fun for me! Go out, have a drink and do all the things I can’t do right now.

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Hanging out on the beach! I can’t think of a much better weekend.

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Wow dragonfly! Hope everything goes perfectly!
Unfortunately I am working both days, but I might be seeing a friend on Saturday night and I have an end of season Lacrosse dinner on Sunday night. I get Monday off school though so I’m going to be spending that with my 4 year old cousin.

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Diamond hunting in Arkansas.

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Thanks shrubbery! My husband is set to work his butt off. Luckily most of our stuff is set to either be thrown out or donated (that should help). We have too much clutter! I hope you’re able to enjoy some of your weekend, have fun Monday with your cousin!

@xxporkxsodaxx Now that’s what I mean by doing something I can’t do right now! Can I have a piece of that pie?

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Resting on my laurels.

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@Dragonfly; how on earth did you plan a double-whammy on the stressometer? I hope you have family around to help. And that your new nest is snug and clean and functioning.

I am going to an old-fashioned musical theater this evening where I plan to sniff everyone over 60 and also see “Hairspray” done wth a boffo cast of young black singers and dancers…the theme has been changed to segregation. And on Sunday I am taking tickets at the box office for our monthly flim club showing (Frozen River -won the Grand Jury Prize, Sundance Film Festival), seeing the movie and sitting in on the Q & A by the director, a local woman.

And how could I forget, taking MIlo to the vet soon – pedicure, frontline, limp, unsuitable poop sites.

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@gail That’s not all! My father in law is having surgery on Monday! It’s not a real serious surgery, but you know how surgery is…there’s always a risk.

The move itself won’t be bad for me, friends and family will help my husband while my father in law and I go on a date. He’s taking me out for lunch and a movie since neither of us can do anything.

Have fun seeing Hairspray! Sounds like a blast.

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Cleaning the house, doing laundry, mowing the yard…....darn it!

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@dragonfly; first baby?

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@gail Sure is. :-) We’re excited.

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@dragonflyfaith Congratulations.

I am doing some cleaning and tossing in preparation for a move, having lunch with a friend on Saturday, and taking a drive (we still have gas below $4 a gallon on Sunday for some summer fun.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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I am seeing The Dark Knight on the imax screen at the Ben Franklin Institute

And then getting up the next morning for work at 5:30am whooo….hooo. (the movie starts at 10:30 wont be home until like 1ish.)

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Not a whole heap.

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Flyin’ to Beantown. Yippee!

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Going drinking/to a concert together with/played by dear old friends, sunbathing my hangover away, having dinner at my dads, maybe going out drinking with my little brother, sunbathing some more, then having dinner at my mums. And sleeping a bit in between those things.

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@Dragonfly, Haha, yea sure just meet me at the Crater of Diamonds in Merfreesboro, AR.

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Congratulations, blessings (all of them) to your kid, I’m sure everything will be great!
Me, well, I have to clean up a lil’ go to the dry cleaner with my shirts and sweaters, I’m gonna organize my cds, clean up my desk and throw everything from last semester except for the books, I’ll cook next Sunday and I need to take my car to the dealer for oil & breaks check :) and I’ll be with my hunny if I have time to :)

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Hitting up Fort Collins, CO for some shopping, and a quick stop for a delicious bite to eat at Avogadro’s Number. Mmm… math themed restaurants.

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Working in my yard. (Read: renting Bobcat front-loader, removing 8 inches of topsand, depositing said topsand in strategic locations, hauling approximately 1 and 1/4 tons of granite and copper-ore boulders, and planting a total of 26 trees and shrubs.)
Next weekend- installing irrigation pipes.
Weekend after- sod. All meanings of the word.

Oh, and getting a sunburn.

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@Knot: Holy Toledo. You surely mean “sod all.”

Are you planting indigenous trees and shrubs? (oops, didn’t see the irrigation pipe project.)

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Not all, but I’m necesssarily sticking with arid-climate varieties. Two different types of Australian Acacia, Olives, Mexican Feather Acacias(Pennatula), Mesquite, and Date Palms.
Eventually there will be clouds of Bouganvillea, Royal Poinciana, and Pink Mulhy.
I opted to stay away from cacti, on account of the poky-ness, and went with a few varieties of aloe instead.
Won’t be as lush as some, but here one rolls with the climate.

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I’m working, as always. Dragonflyfaith… do what the doctor says and keep that bun in the oven! Take your laptop into your bedroom and fluther, and let everyone else do the work.

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Thanks everyone.

@scamp I packed for a few minutes and then got banned from the room, so instead I’m fluthering and eating ice cream.

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Good girl!

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