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Is search broken?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) June 19th, 2015

I tried searching Moores law and got an error message from Google.

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Whose search are you have trouble with Google or Fluther ? ?

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Fluther powered by Google.

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Really have been some problems with Fluther’s search. Use Google and use the “site” search

Try the Following for a search of Cosmos on Fluther——site:www dot fluther dot com cosmos

Remove the dot and spaces and put in ”.”

Or for your question site:www.fluther.com_Moores law. Remove the under score.

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Fluther search has been broken for a long time. For now, @Tropical_Willie‘s workaround is the only solution I know of.

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That’s weird. I did a search for not 7 days ago, and it brought everything up. Now it’s just blank.

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Interesting. I wonder if its only broken on one server? If so, whether or not it works might be luck of the draw.

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Search has always worked fine for me. Funny.

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^ ...and now, it’s dead.

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