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Which would be worse part 2 (details inside)?

Asked by Kardamom (31432points) June 24th, 2015

Let’s say you are out to dinner with your spouse, or a friend. You are having a lovely time, enjoying your food, when you spot your boss across the dining room. Your boss sees you too, so you give a little wave and then your boss starts heading your way.

Right before your boss gets over to your table, you have a little spill (actually a big spill).

Which would be worse: spilling a glass of water onto your crotch area, giving the appearance that you’ve wet yourself, or spilling barbecue sauce down the front of your shirt/blouse, which kind of just makes you look like a slob?

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I’d say the bbq sauce, because it would ruin my shirt. My boss is pretty cool so if I spilled water in my lap, he would probably summon the waiter for napkins and then we’d laugh about it.

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The slob option I suppose, although since you’re sitting at a table, what are the chances that your boss can view your crotch? As your narrative stands, the boss has almost certainly witnessed the mishap anyway as @jca points out.

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What are the chances that your boss would assume you had wet yourself? Really?

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Offhand, I can’t think of any boss I ever had who, if he saw me commit either faux pas, wouldn’t pretend he didn’t see it or simply laugh and make a small joke to defuse my discomfort. In any case, I doubt the incident would impact how he or she felt about my work on the job. For example, I can’t imagine his ever saying, “I’m not giving you a raise this year because I saw you mess yourself at a restaurant.”

However… if forced to make a choice, I suppose the crotch one because water dries fast on a summer day or evening in Austin.

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Right now I am the boss, so I guess I will take the water, since it will dry up and not ruin my pants.
My last boss was the Commander in Chief. In that case, I might as well dump the water AND spill the sauce, because it would be pretty embarrasing either way.

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@canidmajor An older person might have this problem. I saw that exact thing happen to this poor woman while she was standing in line at a checkout counter when I worked at a grocery store. Several of us saw what happened and quickly ushered her out so that no one else would see and then we closed the register and cleaned up the mess before anyone noticed.

I’m sure it happens more often than you’d like to think : (

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I wasn’t addressing the likelihhod of this happening, @Kardamom, I was addressing the likelihood of your boss assuming that you hadn’t simply spilled water in your lap.

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