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Care to join me in saying a fond farewell to actor Dick Van Patten ‘Eight Is Enough’ star, who has died at the age of 86?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) June 24th, 2015

Here’s a fair celebration of his life’s work.

Nice guy and family man known for playing a nice guy and family man.

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What a long and successful career Mr. Van Patten had. RIP, sir.

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Hey there Dickie, lets hope that there are not 8 children in your personal heaven and you can live out eternity as a single guy with no responsibilities now.

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Loved Eight is Enough, and now my dog eats his dog food brand, Natural Balance. R.I.P., you will be missed!

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I would have been so disappointed if the image that he portrayed on Eight is Enough did not match up to his real personality. He just came across as such a genuinely nice person. I bet other actors found him easy to work with.

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Yet another sweet gentleman who colored our youth with his humor is gone. Sad to see them all bow and exit one by one. RIP.

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The name “Dick” is also dying out with every Dick that dies these days. I don’t think anyone calls their kids ‘Dick” anymore. haha

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And condolences to his sister, Joyce Van Patten, who’s still with us and who has also provided us with some good entertainment over the years.

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That is a ripe old age (makes me feel old knowing he was 86). He was a good actor.

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Great scene, yes, @RocketGuy. In his element of comedians!

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