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There's this guy I like, would it be odd if i told him how i felt?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) July 18th, 2008

There’s this guy i like at work, I’m not sure if i should tell him how i feel, or should i get to know him better before… or would that be too awkward if i told him? Me and him are merely aquaintances.

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well, the fact that you are doubtful is already answering your questions, get to know him more, then pop it up

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Workplace relationships have that extra bit of baggage. What if you tell him you like him, and he does not reciprocate? You still have to see him every day. Awkward.

I like iwamoto’s idea to give it time. For example, do you know if he is involved with anyone? If you are only acquaintances, it can’t hurt to spend a little more time with him and make sure you still feel the same way as you learn more about him, before telling him.

I hope it works out.

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@iwamoto, thanks for the advice, getting to know him is probably a good idea. he may not be the person i think he is

@marina, Haha, i’m not sure if he is involved with anyone,.. then again, he could be. :(

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Well, i agree with wiamoto too, if you don’t get to know him first… maybe his personality isn’t how it seems.
Good luck with that though Curiousmonkey!.
Btw, i love your username. ;)

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hang outside of work casually.
Then let nature take its course.

If it happens then it does, if not then it was a physical attraction that was not suppose to happen.

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I see we have two cute curious animals now! Welcome curiousmonkey! I agree with the others. Take a little time to get to know this guy and see if he is for you before doing anything. and don’t forget Marina’s warning about being catious where worplacwe romances are concerned. It can make things pretty sticky if they don’t work out.

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“Pop it up”, a little soon for that don’t you think ;-)

OK, that made no sense, whatsoever did it?

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osullivanbr you never fail to crack me up!

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I’m all for forthrightness in dating and relationships. I have even advised female friends that it’s okay to make the first move, especially when the man seems to be dragging his feet. However, there is something to be said for good old fashioned flirting. Especially in your situation where the relationship between you two is relatively new and you don’t know much about him (or him about you). Don’t cheat yourself out of a great opportunity to enjoy getting to know someone you’re interested in before jumping into the extra stress and possible pain of a formal relationship.

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@scamp: Ah stop now, you’ll only make my cheeks go all red.
<- – Oops, too late.

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well, i’m know for popping things up, like that book my ex made me, works everytime, haha

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@scamp yah thank you i think i will get to know him a bit first
@poser yah i really want to make the first move ill get to know him first but im afraid once i do know him a little better ill still be too shy to make the 1st move i really want to but am afraid ill be too shy

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Well the other thing about flirting is that it makes your interest known in a less formal “do you like me?”-sort of way. That is, assuming he isn’t completely oblivious. Once he’s got an idea you’re interested, maybe he’ll make the first move.

And, just to let you in on a little secret—a smile goes a long way.

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@poser yeah on the smiling every time i see him i smile i cant stop and i do want him to know i like him in a way but the other side doesn’t want me too it will be hard ill just try too be friends with him first and try to flirt a little so he will suspect that i like him and maybe he will do something about it but i think i will try to get to know him a little first and thank you so much for the good advice

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Good luck!

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Ask him out for coffee.
He’ll figure it out.

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hmmm, been 4 months since this question was asked….

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Get to know him alot better, then make your decision. Would be kinda bad if you told this guy how you felt, and he ends up being douchebag.

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and now it’s been 5 months…i wonder how long this’ll keep going :)

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Do you work closely with him?

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and now it’s been 8 months….

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Maybe they are married and living happily ever after….........or not :D lol

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hm… well you like the guy…It always goes two ways. It’s either he likes you too. or he breaks your heart and doesn’t. I say you get to know him better so that you’re more comfortable around him and what not. Then you might consider telling him on how you really feel. Hope this helped a little ^^

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