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Opposite of psychic ability can someone have a psychic disability?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) June 28th, 2015

Like seeing less than what exists? Not having normal sensory perception from ESP.

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There is no evidence that psychic powers exist.
There is a lot of fraud and trickery, and people who believe/claim that they are able to do it, but none of them have been able to demonstrate it under controlled experimental conditions.
Personal perception and personal experience are incredibly prone to error, and self deception and selective perception are things that everyone is prone to, to some extent.

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kneel before me, human.

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I kneel to no one. Except when I am proposing marriage.

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From what I reason, some people do not believe there is ESP, so there wouldn’t be an anti or negative version of it. As far as other psychic ability I guess one would have to find one that can be definitively proven.

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The great Philip K Dick wrote about many kinds of espers in his sci-fi, some of whom suffer from having their ability. This short story is a good example (and a good read).

link is a bit odd – though it contains the whole text, opening it on my iPad immediately made Safari close and the App Store open; not sure what it’ll do on a PC, so enable your popup blocker first. Or Google “Recall Mechanism”

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That would describe the rest of us, wouldn’t it?

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Gq cuz it made me laugh.

I think most men have a psychic disability when it comes to talking to women.

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In an anime called kotoura-san, the girl is born with the ability to read minds, but she can’t control it. She perceives thoughts as spoken words, and it eventually tears her life apart. She is abandoned by both her parents and she has no friends throughout elementary and middle school- but everything changes in high school when she meets manabe. I’m not saying anything else as not to spoil it. It’s a really good anime, and I recommend it.

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