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Why do men like boobs?

Asked by bestbroseph (335points) July 6th, 2015

Just wondering. Aren’t you?

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I like asses.

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They fill out sweaters nicely.

<<<———- prefers butts

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They’re squishy and their own aren’t so much fun to play with?

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Good think it was you who asked that.

It is not so much the breast itself but the nipple, that is in western societies the most evil part of the breast, even if you just see it in indent and not actually. A woman with pasties might be in bad form to some, but she would not be technically obscene. A near flat-chested woman, one with big floppy balloon boobs, or one in between, take away the nipple and it loses more than have the appeal that gets most western men going. It is an enigma of sorts; something that is liked and thought of often but you are not supposed to see.

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Beats me!

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Why wouldn’t guy’s like boobies ? More than a mouthful is a wast .

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The answer is right on the tip of my tongue.

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I used to be strictly an ass man but any female cleavage is hypnotic.

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More of a leg guy, but basically it’s because we don’t have them. Mystery and allure.

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The zoologist Desmond Morris came up with an evolutionary explanation in his book The Naked Ape. He points out that humans are unique in having frontal sex. He suggested that guys needed to have something to get them aiming at the right part of the body in order to distract them from the buttocks. Therefore women developed large breasts, which have no functional value. Not surprisingly, this explanation has faced a considerable amount of criticism, particularly from feminists.

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^^ Actually, I think @Blackberry might agree that he needs something “to distract (him) from the buttocks”.

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Some of it is probably conditioning, especially in America. Part of it is probably nature, it is a sign of fertility.

Some countries emphasis the hips and butt more. Also a sign of fertility.

Back to breasts, they feel good when you touch them too.

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We’re wired for arousal, and the urge is so powerful that judgement and common sense collapse before it. The mere sight of the things triggers immediate and vivid fantasies of tactile and oral manipulation of the “blobs of fat”. An army of invading aliens would merely have to set traps baited with decoys of the things to conquer the world.

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( . )( . ) bewbs

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Because the right pair, the right, firm & pert pair, the right, firm, pert beautifully rounded pair with that perfect bounce, a lovely handful with immaculate nipples…ahem, I just got wood.

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The woman from the commercial “Game of War” riding the horse has nice breasts, and everything else. (If someone can get a link I would like it)They are nice. I don’t know why I like them I just do. It must be a sexual trigger. It also indicates health, and Alpha rank and confidence.

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He suggested that guys needed to have something to get them aiming at the right part of the body in order to distract them from the buttocks.
Not what some seem to say…..

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I think a lot of it is social conditioning. Would you look at it differently if it was pointed out that they are nothing more than bags of fat hanging off a woman’s chest?

However, having said that, human females are the only mammals to have evolved to have permanently enlarged mammary glands, as though we were breast feeding which = fertile. Think about it…cats and dogs only have enlarged mammary glands when they ARE nursing a litter.

As to why so many seem to think size matters? I have no answer to that. Social thing, I guess.

It’s all stupid to me. My views on breasts changed when I had my first baby, who I breast fed until she was 18 months. One time we were at a check out line and she spied a Cosmo magazine which, of course, featured breasts up and center.
My little daughter goes, “Numma numma, numma!” I had to laugh. Nursing is what breasts are for.

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