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What are the meanings of "dead skunk" and "skinned possum" in this TV sketch?

Asked by cofeka (154points) July 11th, 2015

At 0:53 and 1:53 of this video ( it says “you are the dead skunk I got to step over” and “folks just as soon vote for a skinned possum as a Democrat”.

What do these two sentences mean?

Sorry for this video containing explicit words. I would like to be sure the meanings for my translation work.

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Both represent something repulsive, something that most people would rather avoid if possible. No one wants to have to step over a stinking dead skunk, but if it’s right there in your path, you just hold your nose and step over. Even a live opossum is not very attractive, but a skinned one even less so.

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Skinned possums look absolutely unworldly. Dead skunks (usually run over by a car or truck) stink to high heaven!

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I laughed my butt off. How great would that be if you could actually have translators like that. Listening to politicians talk would be amazing. I would tune in for all debates.

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