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Would Jesse Ventura make a good president?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) July 21st, 2015

Or Vp. to Donald Trump?

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Good Christ, no.

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I agree with Ventura on almost every social issue,, but I think he would be a disaster handling foreign policy

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That would match-up with Trump as President – - ->> The Donald would be “The Ugly American” and Jesse as “Conspiracy Central”.

Even Canada would break diplomatic ties.

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@Tropical_Willie But it would get great ratings.

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Since Bush Jr, any fucker would make a good prez, even that fucking loser.

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Yes great ratings on the TV but no foreign country would talk to the USA.

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Clowns upon clowns

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Military Service.
Executive experience, as mayor and later governor.
Acting career.

Sounds like he has a lot in common with quite a few previous presidents.
Except the current one who did none of the above.

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None of those things make a man qualified for the office.

(As an aside: it’s kinda funny that I’ve heard many Republicans criticize Obama as “the Hollywood president” and the “celebrity-in-chief” when they’re the party that votes actual Hollywood celebrities into office.)

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Never said it did. Just said he had a lot in common with previous presidents
If it was a qualification, the current president would not be qualified.

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I think if he were the president, they should play his wrestling intro as he sauntered to the podium for a speech. Actually, every president should do something like that.

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