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My favorite shirt just got covered in blood. My hands are bloody too. It is my blood.

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) July 20th, 2008

How should I get the blood out of the shirt? Pic and another. How do I clean this shirt so the blood stains go away?

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spray stain remover on the blood and wash it it should come out really easily. You have time to go out and buy some if you don’t have any because i had blood on a shirt of mine for a work before i washed it out.

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I will give that a try.. Luckily I haven’t washed the shirt yet. I still need to wash my hands.

edit :: my hands are ugly… And that blood is from my face.

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Use cold water and a stain remover for the shirt…

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hydrogen peroxide works the best!

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Shampoo works wonders also…

More importantly, Why is your face bleeding?

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The most important thing is NOT to use hot or warm water, ONLY COLD. Anything hot will set the stain. Blood is a protein and, if you run it under cold water, it should release most of it, and then soaking it will pull out more. If there is a lot, keep changing the water when you are at the soaking stage. After that, if some remains, use the stain remover, let that set in and then rinse again. Then wash with the detergent or soap. Whatever you do, do not put it in the dryer. Air dry it, then look at it in the light and see if it has all come out. Sometimes you can’t see the remainder until it is completely dry.

If you are sure it is gone, then the next time you can wash it normally. Otherwise, repeat the stain remover, cold water and air drying until it is gone. Fresh blood usually comes out on the first go-around, though. Hope you’re okay now.

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That is a bummer- cold water only as Seesul says.
I take it you stopped the bleeding?

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…and nayeight, she brought it up first. I just added the method.

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If you have any Oxyclean or other oxygen-based bleach additive, put that in the wash too.

Good luck. We are all agog here and hoping that you (as opposed to your shirt) are OK.

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What Seesul said.

What happened? Are you okay? :(

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Little known fact: saliva is a natural solvent of your own blood. Spit on your shirt to get it clean (then blitz it with the above methods to finish the job).

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Forget the shirt, why are you bleeding? Are you ok?

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blast: Your factoid reminded me of something I learned as a teenager. I had this wonderful great aunt, who was also a great storyteller. One day, when visiting at our house, the old “ancient Chinese secret” commercial came on the TV. She started to laugh and then went into one of her stories that I will never forget.

When she was a child in the 1890’s they lived in a house (in what was then the small town) of Los Angeles. She was from a prominent family, and it therefore the Chinese laundry workers would come into their house to do the family laundry. Her father, realizing the hardship posed on the Chinese, had the children sit with them in the bad yard and converse with them while doing their jobs, in order to assist them in learning English.

(At this point, my aunt started giggling and could hardly get the rest of the story out).

The method that the man used for removing stains was to fill his mouth with water, squish it around, wait as long as possible and then stand back and spit the contents of his mouth full force onto the stubborn area. Amazingly, after several attempts, the stain would magically disappear and he would smile at her.

Nearly 80 years later, my aunt figured out his secret, through a TV ad, no less. Enzymes!

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From “Stains: A Spotter’s Guide” by Virginia M. Friedman, Melissa Wagner, and Nancy Armstrong

1. Rinse the stain immediately and thoroughly with cold saltwater. Do not use hot hater or the stain will set. For dried stains, soak in cold saltwater up to 30 minutes or until the stain is loosened.

2. If the stain remains, soak in a mixture of liquid enzyme detergent and cold water for up to 30 minutes.

3. Rinse well

4. If the stain remains, moisten cornstarch, baking soda, or unseasoned meat tenderizer and rub it into the stain to absorb some of the blood. Let the fabric dry in direct sunlight to further bleach the stain.

5. Brush the powder off once the garment is fully dry.

6. Rinse well with cold water.

7. Apply laundry pre-soak (spot stain remover) to any remaining stain and let stand several minutes.

8. Launder with liquid enzyme detergent.

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@breed: the only thing I wouldn’t recommend on that list is letting the fabric dry in direct sunlight to get out the stain. It’s a dark shirt and not a good idea with that. The heat of the sun will also set the stain, unless you have white fabric. As long as he has not allowed heat to get at it, he should be able to get it out fairly easily. Even (air) dried in blood comes out easier than one would imagine.

JP Please let us know if you’re okay.

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“i am terribly wounded. my clothes are bloody. what should i do? ... post on fluther!”

good man, jp

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I got in a fight last night and lost (not surprising). I’m OK now. My nose is floating around but other than that I feel great. I still need to work on cleaning the shirt.

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I heard somewhere that club soda was good for satins. Citation Needed.

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Another vote for hydrogen peroxide.

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@seesul: I was just quoting from a book about stains that has never steered me wrong before. I have no first hand experience in blood stains.

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was the fight about money? sex? God? glory?

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Did the fight lead you to the realization that you needed health insurance?

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