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Do you like artistic nude art/photography?

Asked by rockfan (11982points) July 24th, 2015

I asked this question yesterday, so I thought I would just ask about nude photography in general.

If you do like it, what artists/photographers do you appreciate?

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Honestly I don’t think I fully appreciate the difference between artistic nudes and pornography. I’ve seen some very “artistic” porn and some “artistic” nudes that seem pretty erotic, and other stuff that blurs the lines. Art itself is a pretty nebulous concept so the whole thing is fuzzy to me. You have obvious examples like “the statue of David”, or the “Birth of Venus” that are clearly art. I’ve seen modern nude photography of women made up in the classic pinup girl style, which was porn back then but is art now? I’ve heard of people engaging in sexual acts as a type of performance art.

I guess my answer is that nude art makes me uncomfortable because I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to feel about it. Am I supposed to feel sexual emotions or is that inappropriate? Is it just a clinical study of anatomy, light/shadow/shapes/humanity?

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@gorillapaws I definitely understand where you’re coming from

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I can appreciate the beauty of the human body. But when it is put on a canvas it just seems like a contrived reason to create art to me.

I’d much rather see Rembrandt’s clothed characters. He was able to exhibit such depth and intricacy to his work. The nudes are clearly good too, but they convey something different.

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We have a national park in Oslo called Vigeland Park. It is really amazing.

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If you mean pornography, the answer is yes.

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Not totally nude, but barely covered women I can appreciate. Naked men I don’t care to study on canvas, statues, or photography.

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A friend is a professional photographer whose work is mostly nude models. The majority are female. The photos are often in a nature setting. None are what I consider pornographic.

The photographer and the models are all adults who consent and it is legal. I appreciate the talent of the photographer and the bodies of the models. What the photos are used for is beyond me. For those that are curious, here is a link to his site.

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