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What common urban object should I dedicate my flickr to?

Asked by Magnus (2884points) July 29th, 2009 from iPhone

I want ideas for one thing that comes in all shapes and colors, is neat and can be taken pictures off without creating any awkward social situations.

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how about these:

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drinking fountains

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Maybe it’s because of the Toronto garbage strike that I’m thinking this, but trash cans are definitely urban, and they come in all shapes and sizes! Just don’t get too close.

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blackened sidewalk gum spots
sewer grates
your reflection in storefronts

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I once did a series of photos based on a pinecone I carried around and placed to become the protagonist of the shot. It was quite interesting seeing how that one pinecone could change the scene completely, combined with framing and lighting and all the other photography tricks. So while it’s not really what you’re asking, perhaps this may give you an idea of some type.

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Where I live, there’s all sorts of trees being planted, dying or otherwise existing on the streets and byways, not to mention the parks. When I see a tree having to be held up with those looped things, I’ll think to myself, Hang on, little tree, you can make it! Some have managed to grow large and mighty enough to displace the sidewalks and curbs in my neighborhood. Go, urban trees!

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How about urban myths and or legends? That’s a new take on urban stuff most people haven’t considered.

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Language, fonts, words, signs with words on them, typography.
Imagine all the cool signs you might see. Neat-o. =]

Litter – whether it be trash, food, whatever.

Leaves – they come in all different shapes and sizes and change color with the seasons.

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Mailboxes are cool, but that’s more of a suburban/rural thing than an urban one.

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Patterns of bricks
Views of sky from between buildings
Urban dogs or cats that illustrate a particular urban feel
Restaurant signage

But you know what? Just walk around, and see what you find yourself being pulled towards. Our ideas are things that appeal to us. You have to love what you photograph, or it’ll turn out like crap.

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Odd stains?

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What about shoes?

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Fire hydrants, bridges, escalators, stairs

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Doors on buildings and stores
Front steps

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Nobody appreciates the other side of municipal signs (speed limits, street signs, town/county limits, etc.)

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Those rare underground elevators on the sidewalk.

I suppose they provide a lift for maintenance men working on power lines or something .

Really a magical kind of sight to see !

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