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When did hollywood start making films in color?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) July 20th, 2008

wizard of oz, GWTW

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From the intertubes…

“A 1918 silent film called “Cupid Angling” was the first color movie, although “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind” always seem to be mistaken as the correct answer.”

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Wasn’t the colour in the The Wizard of Oz put in later?

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I don’t think so. I just watched The Wizard of Oz and during the opening credits it said “filmed in technicolor.”

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Ah well there you go, I guess they had the black and white at the start to show the difference between Oz and Kansas?

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I think so. And since color was fairly new they probably wanted to start it out in b&w so that when they got to the color everyone would be surprised.

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That sounds likely! Good movie that :)

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