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Is it true that everyone that has an iPhone is being tracked by the NSA?

Asked by NYChris (26points) July 16th, 2007 from iPhone
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No more then any other computer user.

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yes the NSA can track everything you do on the internet.
but that doesnt mean they are watching you because there as much as 100 times more people in the US than the number of NSA employess. So what happens is that if the FBI or CIA suddenly suspect that you are a terrorist they can check your logs. They are not going to arrest you for watching porn on your iPhone or for having your iPhone library fulled wuth songs downloaded illegally via limewire

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They seem to use a filtering system to find what matters most ;)

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What isnt being tracked these days ?

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Considering the fact that the iPhone does nor have GPS, it would be difficult for the NSA to track your physical location. They would use the same method for old cell phones, i.e., triangulate your signal when the phone's radio is on.

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why are you worried?

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It is a simple matter for any cell phone without GPS to be tracked. Any time you use your cell phone, its signal may be triangulated against the cell locations. If your cell phone checks for voice mail or e-mail updates, or verifies the correct time, its signal may be triangulated.

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