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What are the lenses made out of on touch screen phones?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) August 1st, 2015

It’s referred to as “glass”.
Is that accurate? Is it truly, literally glass?
If so, that’s insane!

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Yes, but it isn’t just regular glass.

Most phones use Gorilla Glass (made by Corning) or something similar.


These are specially formulated and baked to be particularly hard. But glass still breaks.

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Perfect, @elbanditoroso.

Move to close.

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The camera lenses are plastic.

Gorilla Glass is commonly used for the phone screen, not camera lenses.

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Also known, @jaytkay, as a lens.

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The glass screen cover is not a lens. I assume that site is written by non English speakers.

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I’m fairly certain that eBay is largely accessed by English speakers, @jaytkay.
5,381 listings on my American version of eBay, 844 in country.

Not to mention that @elbanditoroso had already answered my question, been given a GA, and a thanks from me before you posted? How did that happen if the question was one big error in the first place?

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The touch screen cover is not a lens.

Go to and search for “lens”. “There are no results that match your search”

The ebay listings are skewed by the Chinese manufacturers who make virtually all cell phone components. They’re using Google translate or some other rough translator.

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