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I have a MS Excel file with mutliple email adresses, some are dulplicates, is there an easy way to delete the duplicates in Excel?

Asked by sketchstudios (87points) July 20th, 2008

Its an XLS file, and all the emails are in the first column going downward, (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc)

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Yes. You’ll need to create filters. In one of the tabs (I think tools) select auto filter. Then you can sort by the column with the email addresses. When you have duplicates, you can highlight and delete the rows you don’t need. Practice on a test file first. Hope this helps.

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It depends on what you’re trying to do with the list, actually… Excel knows how to filter your rows so that it hides rows containing duplicate information:
1) Highlight the entire column
2) Go to Data. Press Filter / Adanced Filter
3) If an alert pops up, press “Okay”
4) Check “Unique Records Only” and press “Okay”
**Your duplicate rows should now be hidden**

To Delete Duplicate rows, rather than hiring, continue as follows:
5) Copy the shortened list and paste it over itself (don’t ask why; just trust me on this one)
6) Then make what you’ve just pasted BOLD or Highlighted or something to differentiate it. Whatever takes your fancy
7) Highlight the whole column again
8) Go to Data. Press Filter / Show All
9) Any data that is now not bold (or whatever you used to differentiate) is a duplicate. Delete it.

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(By the way, if you’re looking at a very long document and can’t hand pick data to delete, lemme know because I have a cool trick for sorting the stuff that needs to be deleted… But the trick is only worth it if your list is quite long.)

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