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Why does Microsoft Excel do this with graphs and how can I fix it?

Asked by shrubbery (10212points) September 10th, 2011

I have data tables in Microsoft Excel (on mac). I’m trying to make a scatter graph with two of the columns in my table. I select the columns and select scatter graph from the options. Instead of giving me one of the columns on the y-axis and one of the columns on the x-axis of the graph and plotting one series of corresponding points, it gives me two data series (one for each column of data I suppose) and a stupid irrelevant scale on the x-axis. How do I fix it?

So for example instead of this, I get this.

HELP PLEASE I’m about to throw my computer out the window.

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Can you e-mail me the file? I will play with it. You should know my e-mail Inverted Treestump..

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I explained where I think you might have gone wrong in my return email to you.

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Riiiiiiiiight so because I was selecting them from different tables (one under the other) it wasn’t making an x-y relationship? Okay so I have to make the columns I’m using on the same rows… I swear I tried that haha I guess not. Thanks so much for your help!

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Okay I think it wasn’t working when I copy pasted my required columns to be next to each other because the columns in my second table were excel calculations depending on the first table and the position on the excel grid so when I copy pasted one over it stuffed up the equations and the graph. If I copy back my columns from my word document with the values rather than the equation it looks like I’m right.

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I sent the file back to you so you can see what I did. (I even managed to learn how to set up ChartSheets and to format axis & legend labels, etc.

It was so much easier in Office 2000!

I hope you’ve got it now, because I need sleep!

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I do, thanks so much! I’m going to install windows on my mac soon and use Office 2000 next time I think :P

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Hokay. I can rest in peace now.

In a manner of speaking.

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