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What is the best free anti-virus software?

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) July 20th, 2008

What is the best free anti-virus software?

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AVG is pretty good….getting a mac is a better option in the long term…

joeysefika's avatar this here will give you few more ideas. My personal solution is a mixture of ad-aware and spybot S&D. and the plus side they’re both free

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I second AVG.

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I am using a combo of CC Cleaner, RegCure and Stop Zilla. CC Cleaner asks for a donation and Stop Zilla and RegCure have pay versions. My Norton never worked properly and Spysweeper was good to a point and both cost money.

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I use a ton of software to protect my computer, and the best anti-virus I have come upon is Avast. That sucker caught viruses that my norton didn’t see. And the best part… It’s free…

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AVG or go linux. No virus’ and a better OS yay ^_^

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yea i second uberbatman i run a Mac system and a Linux system, so problems with viruses!

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Five for AVG

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I’ve installed AVG for 100+ people, and very seldom have a problem. The user interface is also pretty good for non-technical people, so it get’s my recommendation. Avast is supposedly also a very good program, but I’ve always preferred AVG.

Don’t mistake antivirus and antispyware though. Spybot S&D is excellent against ad- and spyware, but does not do much with regards to viruses. CCleaner is also great, but it only cleans the system for temporary files etc., and does not scan for malicious software in any way. And AVG will not help you with ad- or spyware.

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One more vote for AVG, it is pretty good for viruses, and Spybot and AdAware for spyware.

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One less vote for AVG sadly. If you had asked me about a year ago I would have said AVG. Recently however since their new update it’s brought slower computers to an absolute crawl, plus I find it rather intrusive like all the other commercial anti virus programs i.e. always telling you that it’s updating, telling you when it’s updated etc. I don’t want to know, do it silently, only tell me if there’s a problem! I’ve recently installed Avast on my computer and on someone elses and we’re both happy with it. If you ever do fork out for an anti virus program however go for Nod32 (or the security suite by Eset), no doubt about it, it’s the best anti virus program I have ever used. Clean, non intrustive, light weight and brilliant, my trial ran out however so I’m using Avast until I get the money to buy it.

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Ive always liked avg

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In my opinion Avira ( is the best of the free ones – it’s faster, uses less system resources, and picks up many viruses that the others don’t find. It’s also better than a lot of commercial products such as Norton and McAfee.

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