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Following my last question, where can I get free antivirus software for a mac (version 10.4.11 or earlier)?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) May 6th, 2011

I either have a virus or narrowly avoided one, and I’ve been convinced that I need some protection software. I have a mac powerbook g4 running Mac OS X Tiger, version 10.4.11.
Does anyone know of any good free antivirus software that meets my system requirements?

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Google it and give them a donation. No up front cost and available from their website.

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Thanks so much, it works!

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Run an update each day and rerun the scan for a couple of days. Then run once a week with scheduler and make sure you have a folder set-up for Clamxav to quarantine any “nasties ”

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@jellyfish3232, make sure you do a backup of your computer. ClamXav says it can move files around.

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I was under the impression that there are currently no Mac viruses out in the wild.

There were some developed as part of a hacker contest but that’s it so far.

Is what I’ve read been incorrect?

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ClamXav also removes some malware not just viruses.

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A number of Mac viruses exist, but in my experience, most irregular OS X behavior is caused by bugs in the operating system or installed software. What convinced you that your computer has a virus?

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I explained it in my last question, so you can check it out if you want to, but my problem has been resolved.

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Oh! Sorry, I didn’t see that there. Glad to hear you solved it.
Out of curiosity, what antivirus software or method did you use to removed it?

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The only way for any of the known Mac viruses to get into your system is by granting root access to your system. As long as you remain aware of what you are installing on your computer, there is no need for an antivirus app.

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Hope I didn’t come across as rude there. I downloaded ClamXav and did a system scan, and nothing has showed up.

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