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What's similar to a (new) Toyota, but without that "Mustache" grille?

Asked by Yellowdog (11165points) August 6th, 2015

Periodically, we like a type (make) of automobile, but dislike the current year’s design (or the way a design trend is going). To each his or her own, and yes, I overall DO like Toyota.

Tastes vary among us, but I really don’t like the “mustache” of a grille that is appearing on Toyotas and some similar cars this year and last (2015 and 2016)—already it is being copied by other makes. Can anyone recommend a car that FEELS like a Toyota Camry or Avalon, but sans “mustache” ?

I do not wish to prejudice anyone against a design feature that is so “up-and-coming”—but I know it just isn’t something I’ll want to keep around for five or six years. I just don’t want to invest in something that turns me off aesthetically—but I DO like these cars otherwise.

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