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Do you think this church is legitimate?

Asked by Strauss (21216points) August 6th, 2015

The other night I was having a conversation with a friend regarding the recently legalized status of pot in Colorado. He then showed me an ID card that identified him as a member of the Oklavuaha Native American Church, and said that as such he is allowed to transport and use psychoactive plants, including Peyote, San Pedro, Ayahuasca and Cannabis, anywhere within the US, both on and off Native American reservations. Do you think this is legitimate?

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As legitimate as any other church.

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What qualifies a church as legitimate? Legality, spirituality, purpose? (Looking at the site, it smells a bit shady but I’m not sure.)

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The Native American Church has an exemption from drug laws to use peyote. Not sure about the rest of the drugs. But I bet one cannot just say “oh I can use it, I am a member of the NAC” unless one can demonstrate complete involvement and understanding of the church.

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Sounds legit to me. As good as any other church.

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The site speaks of “God” and the “great creator”. That, by definition, is not atheistic.

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Legitimate, yes. But following God’s way, I don’t think so.

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Churches are never “legitimate”, IMO.

Sounds like a fun one though!

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