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Fluff time, your movie trivia pt. II (details inside)?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) August 7th, 2015

Name a movie where a person acted in it with another sibling or relative OTHER THAN their parents? It can be a grandparent, uncle, sister, brother, etc. any relative other than one who birth, adopted them, or became their parent through marriage. They do not have to be in a starring roll, but had an adequate speaking part, and was in more than one scene. I could give some ”for instance” but that would be a spoiler. Doesn’t matter how old the movie either, big screen or TV.

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Donnie Darko.

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^ What combination, brothers, sisters, aunt with nephews, grandfather with granddaughter, etc.?

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Brother and sister.

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The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Jeff Bridges, Beau Bridges, and their step-cousin, Chelly Pfeiffer. ;-o

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Why though?

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Good Will Hunting

Ben & Casey Affleck. Brothers in real life.

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Elijah and Milo Peters. They were twins, and did gay porn together for Bel Ami.

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The Long Riders, 1980–81

James and Stacy Keach as Jesse and Frank James
David, Keiith and Robert Carradine as the Younger Brothers
Dennis and Randy Quaid as the Miller Brothers
Christopher and Nicholas Guest as the Ford Brothers.

Great casting


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