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When at work can you focus totally on your job, task, or whatever you have to do at your job?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19414points) August 11th, 2015

Or are there a lot of distractions that keep you from really focusing on what you have to do?
Are you a person that doesn’t let distractions keep you from focusing on your job, and you give it your 100%?

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I focus. Sometimes it was hard, but I do.

When I was in the cellular phone industry I was a Customer Service Specialist (whoo hoo.) 99% of my work involved phone calls combined with computer work to try and track down and resolve problems. Virtually every phone call was for me, and I might end a phone call with a client and spend the next hour trying to figure out what the problem was.

One time one of the inside sales reps (who all had a lot of down time) made some snide comment about me “playing on the computer all the time.” I was floored.

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No, I keep coming on Fluther…

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Good grief why all the moderated posts??
Unless they were just flame bait,this question is in social.

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No. When you’re self employed, no one believes you have a “real” job, and it is assumed that your time is your own. People who are fortunate enough to have retired are particularly prone to ignore the requirements of those yet chained to the grindstone, and yet are quick to to duck behind their fixed incomes as justification for the assumption that I pick up the check for the lunch their free time permits them to instigate.

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I allow myself to be distracted, as long as I can still finish the work at hand. I can multitask. I can listen to music, read articles and do my work at the same time. I find it hard to focus on one work, though it isn’t impossible.

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@stanleybmanly, Oh, I do love that, “You’re self employed! You must be rich!” Yeah. Right.

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