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Is it still a Man's world?

Asked by holli (487points) February 7th, 2013

I’ve been with my company for over 3 years. I get nothing but praise for my work and I work hard. I often take on extra projects and I have definitely grown our business since I have been here. I recently was passed up for a new position that I thought I had earned by a guy who has just started. Here is what my boss emailed me:

“I think you’re doing great especially for being here just three years. I like your attitude and you are a smart young lady. I will tell you it is tough because whether you want to believe it or not, it really is still a man’s world. You will have to work harder to get further, that is just a cold hard fact. I think it’s great that you’re career oriented. This is a good place to be and a good company to work for despite the ups and downs. Dedication and hard work will earn you respect anywhere. We all know who in this office works hard and those who are complacent. Just hang in there, if you apply yourself and always do your best, your results will continue to grow.”

So, is it really a Man’s world? And what is keeping me from spreading my wings to a more forward thinking company?

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OMG, this guy is so stupid to have put that in writing. I would take it and march down to the EEOC. Yoy would have a case.

In fact, your boss is right, but blatant statements of it are not done.

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I think so. There have been some changes and improvements to the situation but I think generally we are still a patriachal society with all the entails.

More’s the pity.

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OMG What a fuckup. On so many levels. I’m guessing his company is pretty mediocre because he picks males over talent. And yes, you have an open and shut case of discrimination. His balls are yours if you want them.

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It may also be important to note that this was written by a female manager. The owner is male, however.

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Yeah that dude’s a jackass. Unless that guy had some seriously impressive stuff on his file, I don’t think that’s really the sort of thing to say. Sounds like you got screwed. It’s not still a man’s world. Especially not where I’m from.

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I’m surprised it was a woman. That’s even sadder.

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If the manager was a female, and it was written to another female, would it be harder to prove discrimination due to sex? Not agreeing with it, just asking?

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He’s not Ron Jeremy is he?
Seriously, this guy is living in the fucking dark ages, complete tosser.

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No, it isn’t a man’s world. I don’t know if your manager or the boss made the decision. Maybe the boss did, but you manager is deliberately giving you some rope to hang the company with. That sounds pretty sexist to me, and it sounds like discrimination. I’d talk to an expert to see if it is actionable.

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I work for a school district. The competition for a principalship is fierce in our district, and I have to say that the male contenders have an edge. We have many female principals, but they did have to shine a little brighter in order to be noticed. Fortunately for us, that isn’t terribly hard to do.

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Your boss just stapled a sign to his forehead that says, “Please sue me. I’ll make this as easy for you as possible.”

I recommend printing the email message and taking it to an attorney who practicies labor law.

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Depends on location, for instance in Iran it is:
Iran: Four women stoned to death

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Sounds as if this could be a case of nepotism or someone sleeping with the boss. If you’re as hard a worker as you seem, maybe it’s time to spread your wings and move forward to a company that really appreciates you and will compensate you for your abilities instead of paying you to just hang in there.

I also wonder if the male owner dictated to the female manager to write such a discriminatory e-mail.

Whatever you decide, good luck to ya.:-}

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Wow! I am stunned!
Mans world or not I think it’s time for you to go and find a greener work pasture!
I wouldn’t spend one more week in that company. Incredible!

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The sad thing is that the female manager accepts it as the status quo.

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@holli I’ve worked at my current job for 8+ years, and granted the economy has affected promotions, but if they don’t value and promote you after three years, what makes you think busting it out for another 3–5 years will get you anywhere?

It’s doubtful, and in my area of the country, it’s definately still a man’s world, corporate America hasn’t changed that much in the last twenty years here. I’d take these people’s advice and sue their asses or start the job search. Valuable employees deserve to be rewarded and acknowledged, anything less is a waste of time.

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I appreciate all the responses. I know it’s time to look elsewhere. I think I’ve reached my full potential here, unfortunately.

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@holli Unfortunately I think I have too, it sucks. Good luck though, we’ll get through it!!

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The answer to the question as asked is yes. Not saying it should be that way. Not saying it will always be that way. But the answer is yes.

My evidence is your testimony and the fact that even now, the most progressive World Power, the US, is just getting around to putting women in front lines of combat and debating the possibility of conscription of women. The military issues engage the most base of all human instinct. When that particular debate is resolved, everything else will fall into place. To his credit, like him or not, the President knows this, thus his position on it.

Until then, whether you, or I or anybody likes it, it is probably for the moment, a man’s world.

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Two Great Masters have proven it.

listen to the lyrics. question answered.

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Yes and no. It depends on the domain and region on earth. Kindergarten teaching is a woman’s world. Fortune 500 CEO is still a man’s world.

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It is still a man’s world. To see women’s sports on TV I still have to make a special effort, especially team games like soccer and cricket. And whenever there are group pictures of the great and powerful, the faces are mostly male.

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A non question.

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No, it isn’t. When I was a young adult in the 70’s and 80’s, a woman couldn’t join the military (except the women’s branch), work on the roads, be a trucker, a flagman, a welder, a mechanic or a fireman. The very idea would make people laugh in your face. Believe me, I had an office chick laugh in my face when I inquired about being a flagman. Really, like it takes a man to hold up a stop sign?

So I guess what I am saying is, there were no high-paying jobs for unskilled labor unless you were a man, and women couldn’t even become skilled in any profession that was thought of as being for men.

Not true anymore, and the young ladies of today probably have no idea what a “man’s world” really is, as they have never experienced it.

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