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Ape Hangers, yes or no?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) August 15th, 2015

This may have some probative value and not be total fluff. When it comes to motorcycle handlebars, in your opinion are Ape Hangers good, less safe, dangerous, does the height of the Ape Hanger make a difference such as shoulder height being better than above the shoulder? Does control suffer if one had to take evasive action to avoid an accident or hazard?

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Less safe, they make you a freaking sail when on the bike you have to hold on just to keep from being blown off.
Look at the high performance sport bikes do any of them come with ape hangers? uh no!

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Since when do you believe in apes?

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In Georgia, they’re illegal, although not a primary offense and no often ticketed.

They’re very unsafe; they change the center of gravity and make the bike less stable.

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They don’t look like they’d give much control. Probably why they’re usually on Harleys, which are primarily for long highway runs.

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I’d hate to have to hang onto the handlebars with my hands way up high like that for a long ride. That can’t possibly be “comfortable” by any stretch of the imagination. And no, they couldn’t possibly be safe.

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haha, “stretch”

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I asked a similar question a couple years ago, and it seems the consensus has not changed.

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They are definitely less safe, they look ridiculous, and they are completely unnecessary. That said, you could say the same thing about the concept of a motorcycle in general.

It’s all in the preferences of the rider. Individuality is what makes us so awesome. So while I think ape-hangers are really freakin stupid.. I’m not gonna go so far as to condemn the use of them. Some people like them – shrug.

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Ape hangers are silly and potentially dangerous when trying to handle a bike in a dangerous situation. Beach combers are a much better choice.

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Having tried ape hangars myself they were surprisingly comfortable. I don’t have them on any of my bikes though.

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