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Who had a better performance then Heath Ledger this year?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) July 20th, 2008

People are saying his be nominated for a posthumous Oscar. Can anyone think of an better performance so far this year? I think he’s got it

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let’s not get our heads in the clouds yet… The year isn’t over…

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So far this year…. I think his performance was the best I’ve seen.

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Wall•E the robot

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Heath Ledger’s performance was absolutely friggin amazing. The facial ticks / licking, the voice change, he stayed consistent the entire movie….just brilliant. I always said that a great actor is someone who can literally make you forget who they are in real life, and picture that character as a completely different person.

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I got quite a shock when I saw the split second glimpse of him in the police uniform without make up. Not only because as luminous said above his performance as the joker was so amazing he wasn’t heath any more, just the joker, and you kind of forget, but also because it was a shock to see his face again, alive and well, since all the images described to us by the media of what he looked like when he was found etc etc, and it is a beautiful face that will be sorely missed.
I’m pretty sure he deserves the Oscar. To put that level of dedication into a film, to fully become the character to the point where he was getting nightmares (or so the rumours say I suppose) definitely warrants an award.

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Heath is one of the finest actors I’ve seen in years, he reminds me of Robert Downey Jr. when he just started :)

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The rumor from my friends in LA is that (despite all the internet hype) the Academy really doesn’t want to give it to a dead guy. Happened only once before, and I guess they have their reasons…

But they could be wrong, and maybe all the buzz is correct. Everybody cross your fingers! He deserves it.

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Well, the “oscar-worthy” movies will probably be coming out in Nov-Jan, to keep them fresh, so the year is still young and while its probably the best right now, it could be superceded by others before the oscars. There’s also the thing about not wanting to give posthumous oscars. Remember its mostly been popcorn flicks so far(since the oscars), the serious fare is yet to come for the year.

I’m hoping for a best picture nomination, and a best director nomination, even if they don’t win. I thought that The Dark Knight was really that good, and better than many of the winners of those awards in the past.

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At least we all know who’s winning everything at the MTV Movie Awards rolls eyes

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This movie was the first thing that actually made me regret that he was dead. You know, aside from the humanity thing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against the guy, just didn’t think he was much of an actor before this.

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I agree, Poser. Before now he just seemed so so. I have a new respect for the guy since watching The Dark Knight and I’m a little sad that I won’t be seeing anything more from him.

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Randy. I guess that in some sick humor, this movie was his huge grand Finale right before the unsuspected curtain closure.

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I agree poser. I hadn’t really liked any of his other performances. Not saying he wasn’t a good actor before this, his movies just didn’t really appeal to me.

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