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Free/cheap VNC programs for windows vista that WON'T change my theme?

Asked by fortris (680points) July 21st, 2008

I’ve tried two dfferent VNC clients and both canged my window coloer from graphite to basic (blue), (or let me change it manualy, the link to colors leads somewhere else) and the only way to change it back is to uninstall the program. I used a RDM and it only changed the theme while I was using it (which I’m fine with). Can anyone help?

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the reason it changes the background is to speed up the connection since doesn’t have to process all the colors. in my experience, it uses the background color as set by the user. I have one user that freaks out when I VNC into her machine…her picture goes away and a purple desktop appears. Of course, you did say Vista, so I don’t remember if it behaves the same way. Make sure you check the color settings for VNC. It doesn’t let you change the colors, but you can change the quality of the colors.

Another option is they have a free version that works a lot like GoToMyPC. You log into a website and then connect to your computer with a secure connection. there are some limits to the free version, but it gives you remote desktop from anywhere with an internet connection….as long as that computer is online. The limitations aren’t major…it doesn’t load your local printers and i don’t think you can transfer files…but sending an email to yourself fixes that.

Logmein isn’t meant for remote desktop on a LAN…in fact, if you are trying to remote into another computer on the same LAN, then you’re wasting time and bandwidth using Logmein. I would stick with VNC unless someone else has an alternative. Logmein is really handy, though, if you are trying to connect to a PC on a different network and you usually have to VPN into that network. No more VPN with LogMeIn…just go to the website and click on the computer you want to use…oh, one more thing…it does have 3 layers of security, making it pretty safe to use. 1, you log into the site. 2, you have to enter a password for the computer…and 3, the connection to your computer is secured with 256-bit encryption.

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I found out there was a second program that installed with it, and after removing it, it works and the color never changes.

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nice…what was the program? and what is the version of VNC that you are using?

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TightVNC is awesome, use it, it won’t change the resolution or anything else.

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