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What are some cures, or tips, for high school and beyond math anxiety?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) August 17th, 2015

From medication to tips.

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Math is a subject that builds on itself. So it is important to master each lesson before moving on to the next.

That means every bit of homework needs to be done. And if one does not grasp a concept, help from the instructor should be sought as soon as possible.

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Depends on what the anxiety is stemming from exactly?

Do you experience the anxiety only during class? While you’re learning new concepts? When you’re attempting the problems? Or just the thought of it?

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My son one time had a problem with math, I think it was advance geometry, or calculus. I don’t remember quite. But he was frustrated and it made it more difficult. So I asked him to explain the steps to me from the beginning. It was still over my head so I asked him to explain it to me as if I were a young child and so he had to completely break it down further. Before he was half way explaining it to me, he understood what he was making to difficult in his own mind and could solve the problem. After that he would just remember to keep breaking down each step till he understood them clearly. Problem with math is that it is rather simple most of the time but with formulas, people forget all the little steps in between and get lost because they get use to taking the short cuts. Only problem is short cuts don’t work for every problem.

It’s like driving the same path every day, only after a while you are asked to get to your destination without a gps. If you take in the view along the way each time, you eventually won’t need the gps. But if you don’t bother to learn the side roads, then you will get lost if your usual path is cut off and you don’t have a gps. But the great thing about math is that there is a point A and a point B and it usually has a pattern to getting there. You just can’t lose sight of the connections.

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Have you checked out Salman Khan’s math lesson Web site? He does an excellent job of breaking things down and providing the intuition behind the concepts.

Try to turn studying math into a habit. Set aside a particular time and comfortable place free of distractions. At the beginning limit yourself to at most 20 minutes. If you get stuck, quit and come back to it later. Always have a pencil and paper at hand. Understand that occasional frustration comes with the territory with math regardless of what level you are at.

You of course know that there are a number of us at Fluther who can provide assistance.

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Excellent, @Pandora.

Also, might check out Purple math..

Once you realize you really can understand this, the anxiety should lessen. Also, remember, nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t get it, so there is really nothing to worry about.

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Music kept me highly motivated.

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