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Can a NGV car runs on petrol?

Asked by lulu (4points) July 21st, 2008
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Well, in theory, a car that is set up to run on natural gas would be able to run on petrol, or gasoline as we Yanks call it. You would need to replace the fuel tank, fuel pump, and lines, as well as the injectors, and it might be necessary to reprogram the computer to adjust for the A/F ratio. LNG has a higher (17.2:1) stoichiometric ratio than gasoline (14.7:1).

I have to ask – why would you want to do this? Most people are thinking about converting gasoline engines to run on LNG, not the other way around. It is a cleaner burning fuel, and most of the distribution systems for it are already in place. All you have to do is liquefy it and it’s ready to go.

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