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Can you complete the following beginning to a joke?

Asked by janbb (57157points) August 20th, 2015

“A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar…..”

Run with it but you must use that exact first line. No cheating.

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The boxer said “you guys are so mean – you’re treating me like a dog!”

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And the bartender says “what is this, some kind of joke?”

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I’ll bite:

The frog says, “Do you serve animals here?”

The bartender says, “Yes.”

The frog, the penguin and the boxer get up and start walking out.

The bartender yells, “I don’t get it. I told you we serve animals.”

The penguin turns and says over her shoulder, “But we’re all vegetarians.”

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Frogs eat insects and Penguins eat fish.

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Can the boxer be either a dog or a prize fighter?

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Hermit, janbb and Mike Tyson sitting at the bar. That in itself is a joke! ;)

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@ragingloli It’s some kind of joke.

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…the frog was the only one to survive because the boxer and the penguin knocked themselves out.

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So, Caitlin Jenner has to go before a judge because of a car wreck she was in in 2014 which really hurt some people.
Jenner’s defense is that she isn’t the same person today that she was then.

HA AH HA HAH AAHHHAAHAHAHA!!!! I had to do that because I just know nobody else will laugh.

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“A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar…..”

The bartender says without looking up, ‘I’m sorry, you two can stay, but we don’t serve pugilists here.’
The frog points to the penguin, the penguin points to the frog and the boxer just shrugs and orders a beer.

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A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar…

Boxer: “Give me some punch. Make it strong.”

Penguin: “Iced tea. On the rocks.”

Bartender (looking at the frog): “I’ll get you a beer.”

Frog: “Why?”

Bartender: “You need some hops.”

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@Lawn That’s great!!

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A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar…..

All three pass the bar exam with flying colors and form
Frog, Penguin & Boxer LLP. Their specialty: Animal rights.

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They sit at the bar. The frog orders a grasshopper, the penguin orders a frozen daiquiri, the boxer says she has to go use the hydrant and asks for a menu. She comes back in a few minutes later and opens the menu. The bartender brings over the first two drinks. He says we don’t get many frogs penguins or boxers in here. The boxer looks over the menu, and says at these prices I see why.

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A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar…

Bartender: “Hey! No pets in the bar!”

Penguin: “Him?? He’s not a pet! This guy’s my body guard.”

Bartender (confused): “Wait… I wasn’t talking to you… what about the other…”

Penguin: “My seeing eye frog.”

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They walk into the bar and sit down. The bartender comes over takes their drink orders, and asks if they’d like any snacks. No thanks the boxer says, after the first drink we’re going to flip a coin to see which one of us get’s the frog.

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The frog & the boxer told the penguin to fuck off

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I have a story. A frog and a penguin and a boxer walk in to a bar. That’s all.

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