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Has anyone came to defense of a coworker against their friends?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) August 26th, 2015

Has anyone been in a situation where one coworker interrupted a disagreement between two other coworkers and snapped in defense of one of the coworker, and against the other, who is suppose to be their close friend?

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Relationship “triangle”? The coworker who snapped must have some sort of resent or unresolved emotions against his/her close friend and he chose the way of getting the third party-the one he’s defensing-involved to express his feelings to his friend.

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Not that I can remember. However, if the ‘friend’ was wrong and/or was being unreasonable, perhaps the interrupter felt they had to defend the other person. It would obviously be better if they hadn’t snapped but maybe there was a reason for their irritation.

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I haven’t but I would. I was once accused of a heinous act but none of my “friends” came to my defense because they assumed I would lie when I had never lied to them before. To have truly good friends you must be a good friend and you must always set a shining example even when your so-called good friends desert you.

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“Snapped” makes this question unanswerable without further details.

Have I defended a co-worker that I wasn’t particularly fond of when I thought they were being harassed by a friend of mine?
But I would say the argument was more diffused than that I snapped.

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I would hope the co-worker would come to the defense of the person who was in the right, and not mindlessly come to the defense of the person who was in the wrong just because the person in the wrong was a good friend.

As to why she “snapped,” possibly the two people arguing were arguing about the same old thing and it got annoying. Or maybe the argument was escalating and the co-worker absorbed some of that anger then released it. I mean, without being there, who knows?

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Often times it’s easier to snap at a friend or loved one who happens to be in the wrong than it is to snap at a stranger who is in the wrong. It just means, they’re such good friends that they feel comfortable getting heated because they know they will talk it out after.

Also, “snapping” likely would only happen under circumstances of being annoyed.

Point is, s/he must’ve thought the person s/he snapped at was a) in the wrong and b) close enough to snap at.

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