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How to break a routine?

Asked by Starson (252points) December 21st, 2009

I’ve found my life is totally routine; I work then I come home, usually go up the pub on the same evenings each week and do similar things when at home. I guess I enjoy going out, but only because it’s a break from staying at home, I like the people I go out with but they are convenience friendships, with two exceptions that I can think of. Has anybody else found them self in this position, changing a routine is easier to say than doing; I guess I’m just lost at this stage in time.

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Take up a hobby.

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The only way to break a routine is to stop doing it!!

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@Dabria I know this all to well, but at the moment giving up work isn’t an option as there isn’t a great deal around, and this limits me to the area I am currently living in. My ‘friends’ are all in this area and I fall back in the comfort zone. Thanks :)

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Make new friends.

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@Starson yes I understand that is a difficult situation, maybe you could train for a different career, part time while you work, that may solve lots of issues?

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Grasp routine firmly with both hands. While standing, lift one knee and in a violent motion force routine down until your knee snaps it in half. Your routine is now broken.

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@Dabria My job is pretty much the only real positive, unfortunately, I guess I need to break routine but I’m too anxious to do so. It’s easy to say get a hobby or make new friends, but it’s easier to say than do :)

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if you break a routine on purpose then youll just ruin everything. its part of your life just follow it, and it will change by itself sooner or later

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You have find away to occupy your time doing something you really enjoy which is out of your routine. It is very difficult .

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Sign up for a class; the commitment will be short for an adult ed class, and you’ll meet new people.

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You can also take really cheap community college classes at night. I’m a full-time community college student, but my Chinese class is at night and a lot of the students are working professionals who are there for a hobby. The classmates are all a lot of fun, and I’ve made friends with some of them. I’ve also taken a wheel pottery adult ed class that I really liked. You could also do intramural sports or join and go to a special-interest group in your area.

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In order to “break” a routine ; you need to STOP…..

I’d suggest that you go somewhere else like the library and read one day a week , aanother day go to a nursing home and volunteer for an hour or two , take up a class or two at the local college for evenings , and so forth…. even a new hobby that you devote one or two evenings to… OR just come home , get a cold drink and kick back in front of the tv….

The “routine” CAN be broken; BUT only YOU can do it .

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Pick one thing at a time and make a concious effort at improving in that area. Try substituting some other activity. Benjamin Franklin described his method in his autobiography. It involved a list of resolutions and a daily scorecard of how well he did.

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I found myself in this situation so I quit my job and am moving to a different state. A much less drastic option however would be to take up a sport or join a group of some sort or enroll in a class, you will undoubtedly meet new people and you may discover something you are passionate about that you have never tried before. Or just start doing little things differently: take a new route to work, go to restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops that you wouldn’t normally. Start making small changes or breaking your habits in little ways and maybe larger changes will follow.

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Sleep under the bed. Better yet, sleep under a bridge.
Go to the pub in the morning; spend the day. Or don’t go at all for a week.
Make inconvenient friends.

Just read what you wrote yourself… and don’t do that.

I mostly enjoy my routine, which is why my couch sags on “this” side, and not the other. If I wanted to change my routine… I’d sit on the other side of the couch.

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Find some volunteer work to give yourself a change, and help other people while you’re at it.

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@YARNLADY, I suppose so. That would actually be fun, too, I’m sure. Maybe even more fun than sleeping under the bed. Definitely more fun than sleeping under the bridge—at this time of year, anyway.

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@Starson you know its your life, you do what you want, why be anxious? you need to mix more with people and have some fun!

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