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Any idea on how I can solve my laptop's power adapter issues ?

Asked by mirza (5057points) July 21st, 2008

I have about a three year old dell inspiron laptop (which is awesome contrary to what the fanboys will say). For the past few days, I am having problems with my laptop’s power adapter. I have to push /bend the power adapter onto the laptop’s power connector port for the adapter to work. I tried replacing the adapter and I still have the same issue. So i am guessing something’s wrong with this laptop’s power input thing.

Anyways, I am getting a new laptop and passing this on to my mom who will be using it as a desktop. So lets say if i got a dock to replace the power ports, would that solve the power problems. Any other ideas as to how I can solve the adapter issues.

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well if shes using it as a desktop, as long as you can get the cord in once, does it really matter. i mean i know its not the best solution but i think it would work. or do you mean that you have to hold it in position for it to charge?

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1 of 2 things…replace the motherboard or replace the A/C input on the motherboard. unfortunately, those are your only options aside from the docking station or taping the cord in a way that will make it work.

I had the same problem w/ an old Sony laptop and it was too much trouble to just change out the a/c port…the Dell might not be too bad, though..i’m sure you could find the parts you need on ebay..

I’m assuming your warranty has expired

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I recently replaced the DC-in board on my wife’s six-year old PowerBook G4. It was a major ordeal – had to remove every component down to the case to get at it. But in the end, it was a cheap part and I didn’t charge myself for labor :)

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Most likely it’s the DC adapter in the laptop itself, seeing its a dell, taking it all apart is incredibly easy! I’ve taken apart my 1705 plenty of times to upgrade things and don’t have any problems, Dell laptops were made to be taken apart, it takes a lot to void your warranty on a dell laptop.

That is a cheap option though, DC power jacks are in the $20 range, check, they have the best prices out there for dell parts.

Looking at the picture of the DC power jack (sorry I haven’t payed much attention to mind, I’ll take a look when I take my laptop apart later today to do some internal work) and check it out, from the picture it doesn’t look like you have to solder anything. I thought you’d have to (wouldn’t surprise me), I think the pins just slide into the mobo and you just solder the pins onto the mobo.

shouldn’t be to much work.

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I had the exact same laptop with the same problem as you. I rolled up a piece of alumium foil around the male part of the plug that goes into the laptop then put it in rotating the plug. It works now so I gave it to my daughter and bought me a new computer.

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@gooch: do you know if its safe to do so ? I mean any chances of a spark fire or anything ?

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Its safe it will not spark pr catch fire. Remember it’s the end that goes into the computer not the wall.

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