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Have you ever felt like excluding people?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 21st, 2008

I know this is kind of mean, but some of the time, I just feel that I don’t want someone there, they’re nice and all, but the feeling of not wanting them there keeps coming up. Has that ever happened to you?

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yes, i’ve felt like telling people they should leave before, but i guess i’m too nice to do so…

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yeah i slowly cut them off..not calling them..not picking up their calls..its not fun but its for the best.

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You just have to decide if it is worth making a fuss over. Sometimes you can’t help but.

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Yep, and I tend to transmit such feeling to the person I don’t like :s

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only the true kill joys.

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absolutely, but sometimes you just can’t be that mean.

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haha, i don’t act mean to them. I act like i don’t mind at all, but there are those times where i have a certain group of people i want to be around…

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This is tough if you and the person you want to exclude are all in the same place every day. If you having a party, it is OK to only invite friends. It would not, however, be OK to invite every single person in a certain group (like a class or your department at work) and exclude one or two people.

Yes, everyone feels that way at one time or another. It is best to remember how you would feel if you were the one being excluded, and let that inform how you handle the decision to exclude or not to exclude.

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Yes… I am having a party and none of you are invited. Just kidding! :-p

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I just try to be as boring as possible when I am around them, so they don’t want to stay.

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I start charging them for every unwanted minute in my presence. Hey, lawyers do it, and they want you there. Plus, I’m more fun.

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I try to spend most of the time alone so I never have to be the guy that doesn’t get the subtle hints and cuddles up to the cold shoulder.

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How about excluding people because they’re different from the rest of a group? That kind of exclusion worries me at a cultural level. When I’m conscious enough, I like to invite a mix of “dissimilar” people over so that everyone meets someone they didn’t know they’d find interesting.

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Yes, I actually get that feeling quite often… I’m pretty nice, so I don’t usually do anything about it, but sometimes I just don’t want that person looking right over my shoulder or hanging around me all day. I try subtle hints, but they usually don’t pick up on it…

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oh yah and i just have to sometimes deal with it or i will slowly blow them off on things like because i make up other plans or sometimes i find an excuse to leave.

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Yes. Sometimes I make the plans when I know they are going to be busy and can’t make it.

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Yes. Usually I go through phases of hating someones guts and being really friendly with them. It’s like my social life has MPD…

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