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You are leaving your house for the day, and 30 seconds away you realize you forgot something. What would you go back for?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) September 11th, 2015

I frequently have to return for my cell phone, and to set the house security alarm.

Occasionally realizing the garage door did not go down.

DISCLAIMER: This question is a blatant take-off of the Leaving your house question.

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Credit cards.

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Condoms.. 30 seconds is nothing so I would pretty much return for anything even if I am pretty sure I wouldn’t need it but it might come in handy.

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That close, I’d go back for anything I needed. And I have- often. If I am further along, it has to be pretty important; phone, $, earrings ( I know, I know )

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30 seconds means you are about 100 feet down the street if walking, haven’t moved the car yet if driving. So it takes you a minute and a half to go back in the house, pick up what you for got, and go back to where you wee when you remembered.

So, to answer the question, anything.

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I’m so forgetful, I wouldn’t even put it past me to forget to wear pants.

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Anything that I thought I would need , it means I haven’t quite backed out of the driveway yet.

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Still going back for the wife. Oh, and as this is Texas, my sidearm, glove compartment Glock and 12ga pump for the Easy Rider Rifle Rack on the back window.

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My sword.

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My partial with one tooth on it. (a cuspid) And I have gone back for it. God forbid I would smile and everybody would see the gap!

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