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SFW Do you like to hurry up but then slow down at the end?

Asked by janbb (57202points) September 25th, 2015

When you’re reading a good book. I’m reading a wonderful mystery and I want to know who did it but I don’t want the book to end. So I’m reading and stopping and reading and stopping…

Anyone else do that?

(And shame on you for what you thought I meant!)

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(My first thought was about driving) Yes…I just hate it when good books start ending.

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Like a holiday? I want it to be holiday time now, but once I am on holiday, I want everything to slow down, yet the opposite is how it feels!

With books I am always impatient to read the ending. I read so fast that I occasionally will re-read a book more slowly to enjoy the writing more, once I know the plot.

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I’m in the hurry up and re-read camp.
While I’d never skip ahead on my first read, if a book is truly well written there’s pleasure reading it and knowing the ending.

I think I read “I Know this Much is True” by Wally lamb 5 times before completely got all the major sub-plots and tie-ins.

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I can’t put a book down- but dread the end. I won’t read the ending until it’s there. Kinda like a film, I don’t want to know. Sometimes I will think about what might happen when not reading.
I have even re-read and stopped a reading the book before I know things get towards an ending that makes you feel bad.
I’ve a favorite I read over and over when things get rough in real life.
You can get lost in them. Thank goodness.

Read an article yesterday that paper-books are selling on average, more than any other type of format. I was glad to hear it.

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That’s how I eat my ice cream.

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Sometimes and no. With a very few books I have even re read a page slowly to hold the suspense and savour the language, but no.

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What book are you reading?
I’m a hurry up to find out the ending type person.

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Eating popcorn is just the opposite. You start out nice and dainty, 2 or 3 popped kernels at at time but by the end you look like a horse in an oat bag.

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My mom loves mysteries. She has been known to skip to the end when she thinks she’s figured it out and skim her way to find out if she was right. Then she still goes back and finishes reading the whole thing to see how the whole thing unfolds.

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@chyna The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. Part of a series set in French Canada. Really good setting and characters.

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I’m on a local anthology kick.
Any locality in the US. Mostly Depression era. I like reading the real-life stories.
If a Civil War account comes my way, I read it.

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Ha! I totally do this. I’ll usually cruise through most of the book in a few hours. Then drag out the last chapter over weeks. I hate finishing a good book.

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