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What deodorant do you find most effective?

Asked by janbb (57139points) September 29th, 2015

For some reason, the one I’ve been using doesn’t seem to be cutting it lately. Looking for another brand, hopefully scent-free, to try. (The icebergs are melting and I’m sweating more up here, I guess.)

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I am happy with Tom’s of Maine, both the unscented and the Maine Woodspice.

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I am going to assume you are looking for an antiperspirant. I tried the Toms as I am a huge fan of their mouthwash, but Tom’s is more of a deodorant than an antiperspirant. I have found Degree to be the best for me with near 24 hour protection. And you do not need to put a lot on either.

My wife who teaches Yoga and like to avoid having wet spots under her arms when teaching, swears by Dove Clinical Protection.

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Regardless of the name, I urge you to try Dove MEN+CARE Cool Silver.
It’s very mildly scented so, I don’t know what makes it for men, other than marketing. Perhaps there’s a women’s line as well.

In any case, I’ve fought BO all my life and I’ve never seen a product like this one. I imagine I’ve been using it over a year, and it’s never failed yet.
I’m sold on products containing silver who’s aim is to control bacteria. Bandages with silver and great, too.

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I’ve used Sure Unscented for years and nobody’s ever told me I smell bad. My puns, yes, but not me, personally.

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Gold bond no mess powder spray. It isn’t listed as a underarm deodorant but it works as well as one. All underarm deodorant spays make me break out except for this one. I started to use the powder but I hate the mess it makes, so I found this and it works great. Also doesn’t stain your clothing and goes on dry. No wet feeling. Just one word of advice. Spray while holding your breath and leave the room. The scent is strong initially but then it goes away. But it isn’t perfume.

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Mitchum 48hr unscented.

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Secret outlast, completely clean 24 hour ranch women protection with built in fly barrier.
Okay, no fly barrier.

Works well for me, I also put it on before bed after showering to wake up with pretty pits. haha

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Arid X-tra dry.

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You might want to look at this.

Minute dry time, but the comments are great.

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Soap and water, plus Axe Dark Temptation

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I use Nivea for men. Works fine for me.

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A second vote for Mitchum. Nothing else stops me sweating… Smells nice too

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Deoderant can go stale. If you notice a previous favorite isn’t working, try a newer issue date. Yes, bar codes and hieroglyphics for dates is difficult to translate- but notice any new labeling changes. Go to a store say, one of the monstrosities with the ‘one stop’ shopping draw. Turnover- thus fresher products can make a difference.
Good luck on the search.

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Any of the ones labeled “Clinical.”

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@answerjill LOL made with formaldehyde to preserve your armpits forever. haha

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Certain Dri antiperspirant has been the gold standard for as long as I can remember. You apply it once every three days at night. You can also use straight deodorant along with it each morning if you want to, but it’s not necessary. You can’t apply it immediately after a shower, nor just after you have shaved. It really works. I use it for special occasions mostly, or when I will be out in the heat for extended periods, like on vacations. I don’t use it very regularly. Sometimes it stings a little for a couple of minutes after applying for some people.

I have been told the clinical strengths that are on the market now in many of the well known brands are very good. I have no idea if they use the same ingredient as Certain Dri?

By the way, Certain Dri is basically scentless, so you can buy your favorite perfume deodorant and use them together.

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Since the question asks about a certain under arm deodorant and not an antiperspirant…I give a 2 thumbs up to an Ayurvedic Deodorant my wife made for me that works even better than an antiperspirant that is made from organic coconut oil, Shea Butter, Almond oil, baking soda, Vitamin E, Lemon, lavender and Tea Tree oil that blows away any store bought concoction!

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I’m using Nivea Roll On, I smell like a peach. Not an actual peach, but I smell nice.

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