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Can a mare be raped by a stallion?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43701points) October 14th, 2015

On Judge Judy this gal is claiming that the neighbors horse, a stallion, jumped the fence onto her property and (to use her words) raped, repeatedly raped her mares, including one pony. She said the pony had to have an abortion because she was raped…..

The plaintiff said she wanted the owners of the stallion to geld him.

Judge Judy said, “Well, why don’t you have your mares spayed? That way they won’t go into heat and drive the stallion mad.”

It is all just so odd, especially the defendants tearful take on her pony getting repeatedly raped, and having to have an abortion, as though it now needed counseling or something, that I had to ask this question.

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If only adult humans have the capacity to consent to sex acts, then no non-human animal on the planet is capable of consent, and therefore all sex in the animal world is rape.

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Sure seems like it, too.

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Well, since we have no way of communicating with the mares and getting their take on whether they were cool with having the hot stallion next door over for a little fun, we have to assume the stallion’s owner was responsible for securing their animal.

If my dog gets out of my yard and kills the neighbor’s free-range chickens (annoying, smelly beasts though they are, wandering the neighborhood all the time), I am legally at fault, because I had a responsibility to secure my animal. No matter how tempting it is for a dachschund mix to be under constant knowledge that those tasty little feathery meatballs are wandering around unprotected right around the corner, it’s still my responsibility to keep him inside.

I think Judge Judy has lost her marbles.

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I want to know how this owner knew the pony was repeatedly raped and if so why they did nothing to stop the attack?

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This is total bullshit. Animals do not willfully rape each other, they follow their instinct. The stallions owners should have adequate fencing to prevent their stud from escaping and nobody spays mares, it could be done but it just isn’t part of horse keeping like having a dog or cat.
BOTH horse owners are responsible for keeping their stallion and mares safely apart during the mares heat cycles. The pony could have easily had the foal from the alleged “rape” so choosing to have her aborted was the mare owners choice.

At best they could, perhaps ask fro medical compensation if it is proven the stallions fencing was inadequate to prevent fence jumping when the mares are in season.

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I thought that same thing @Cruiser! How would they know “repeatedly” unless they were watching?

Part of the argument was that the stallion drove the mares through a barb wire fence. Judge Judy suggested the mares may have driven themselves through the fence to get to the stallion. That didn’t sound kosher to me. I don’t think mares in heat go apeshit like stallions. I used to have a mare, so I don’t think so, but I’m no expert.

I totally agree @Coloma. The woman really sounded like an idiot. I surprised she didn’t have horse arrested for rape.

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No, this is silly. The stallion might mount the mare – that’s what stallions do.

But rape is a human concept – and the last I heard, horses were not humans. (Although some people – like the person complaining – is a horse’s ass.)

Judge Judy should have thrown the case out.

This almost sounds like a joke.

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Well, she didn’t side with her. She basically threw it out. In a previous settlement in another court, the owner of the stallion was charged with a Stallion At Large charge, 24 hour community service and $2500 in fines, plus she had to pay the owner of the mares $350. JJ said that $350 was good enough, and dismissed the case.

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What the… just what in the holy hell? Huh. Well then I suppose my male cat should be punished for “raping” my female cat all the time.

They’re animals, jeez, it’s what they do!

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@Cruiser If some great big manly stallion was running around in your yard with a flaming boner bouncing around all day long, would you stop him? :p

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@Symbeline if “some great big manly stallion was running around in your yard with a flaming boner bouncing around all day long” harassing my mares on *MY*property, as hard as it would be to do….I would let let my Remington neuter the situation.

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No. The mare can kick and kick accurately. One shot to the genitals and the stallion would be finished. So if the mare got boned by the stallion, she was diggin’ it as much as he was!!!

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LOL!! I just hate flaming, bouncing boners, ya know? I’m going to have a hard time getting that out of my imagination now!

After it came out that the stallion’s owner was charged and fined and all kinds of stuff for having the horse at large, JJ said the charges seemed rather extreme. One of the witnesses for the plaintiffs pointed out that a stallion running around loose can be dangerous, especially when they’re around mares in heat.

I agree with @kritiper: 1) she could have kicked him in the nuts but she didn’t and 2) it’s her own fault for being in heat and being all sexy. She was just asking for it.

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@Dutchess_III I enjoy traumatizing you.

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You do an excellent job @Symbeline. Have you considered doing this for a living? Gosh dang it’s nice to see you back!

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Stallions can and will tear down all but the sturdiest fencing if they are being teased by a mare in heat nearby. Bottom line, as a horse person, you do not keep a stallion as a backyard horse or keep any stallion, short of a major show horse, breeding sire, of utmost top lineage unless you are a damn fool. Novices that keep stallions are just asking for trouble.
A lot of stupid novice horse owners buy stallions or proud cut stallions ( a male with one testicle intact used as a tease for a breeding stallion ) because they want fiery, spirited and beautiful and what they often get is…killed.

I know a guy that bought a proud cut stallion and he was attacked by the horse in his pasture and kicked, hoof slashed in the thigh. Severed his femoral artery and he almost bled out before help arrived. Novice horse people have no business keeping stallions.
A very few stallions are docile, most are high strung and unpredictable.

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Judge Judy basically said “bitch had it comin’?” Sounds right. Sounds like being raped repeatedly by a stallion is on her bucket list.

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First off let me say how embarrassed I am for you that you watch Judge Judy.

And secondly, @filmfann is correct in the summation of her honors accounting.

Thirdly, well, thirdly, when @Coloma says “A very few stallions are docile, most are high strung and unpredictable.” she is 100% correct in her assessment, we are.

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@Dutchess_III I was gone? Didn’t know. XD

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