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Do you think India is a democratic country?

Asked by Morocco (189points) October 16th, 2015

Why or why not?

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Their Prime Minister and representatives are elected, and elections are held every 5 years.
It is an unwieldy task, though. A huge, impoverished population, a caste system, and a failure of their education system makes it nearly impossible to advance.

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As I understand it, there is a semi-powerful elected national leader (Modi), but each of the states has its own powerful state president, and those guys are pretty much autocrats in their own state.

So I don’t think I would call it democratic to the level of the US or of England. But it’s better than Russia.

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Yes and it dosent help haha…problem with democraty is that it takes forever for politicians to take a decision

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It’s vast and diverse and corrupt but it is democratic.

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