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Do you think the furor over the new abortion ruling will make Republican voters switch to Democratic before the next Presidential election?

Asked by jca2 (13659points) 1 month ago

Over a million voters switched from Democratic to Republican recently. A friend told me that and I didn’t believe it but I googled it, and it’s true (legit sources, not just right wing sources).

Of course you don’t need to be a Democrat to vote for a Democratic candidate, but there is definitely an underlying anger over the whole thing, by many on both sides.

Do you think that the new Supreme Court ruling about abortion, which has brought a lot of upset to many around the world, including American Republicans (many who feel that abortion should still be legal), will inspire Republicans to switch to Democratic before the next Presidential election?

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The switch from Democrat to Republican is for Primaries and voting out the Trump candidate followers ! Not the other way around.

They are trying to get more moderate candidates not alt-right !

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I freaking hope so!!

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@Tropical_Willie You may be right for a decent percentage of this. I do think there were a lot of close-to-home policy decisions made by democrats in the last couple of years across the board that are causing some to abandon ship. I think the latest ruling will hurt about as much as it helps. The general anti-American vibe on the left is going to overshadow any effect though. Center-leaning people are over it. Don’t kid yourself, spiking crime rates, inflation, gas prices, geopolitical turmoil and absent leadership are likely leading the conversions. My worry is we’ll get the same mentality on the right who will trend to the irrational, extreme side of things.

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You seem to think that the Supreme Court outlawed abortion. They didn’t. Their ruling simply returned the issue to the states to handle as their citizens want. They correctly realize that the issue should be looked at more closely in a way that supports the will of the voters. They also realize that they were wrong when they pulled a constitutional right out of thin air 50 years ago. Thomas and Ginsberg repeatedly voiced concern about that decision through the years following it.

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I didn’t say or imply that the Supreme Court outlawed abortion, @SnipSnip.

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@jca2many who feel that abortion should still be legal

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@SnipSnip: I didn’t say the Supreme Court made it illegal, but yes, it will be illegal in many places.

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The Democratic establishment hasn’t shown much interest in fighting for these issues (they will fundraise on them though!). They save their energy to fight against progressives and will platform anti-choice conservatives at their conventions. Why would any voter take them seriously?

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@SnipSnip Yeah trigger laws stepped in as soon as Roe was overturned and the AG signed off.
My state is very red and has every intention of closing the last clinic in the state. All the Supreme Court did in leaving it to the states is effectively ending abortion in most red states.

Granted Illinois is right across the river so I expect little change. Medical emergencies are exceptions but nothing else. Kansas will also be available for abortions.

Abortion providers are subject to felony charges now.

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There are those voters who I call the Wishy-washers. One election they vote one way and when things don’t look too good they swing and vote for the other side the next time.
There will be lots and lots of female Republican voters who vote for the Democratic side next time because of the reversal of Roe v. Wade, and so will the Wishy-washers who the pollsters think are Democrats who have switched to the Republican side now who will now switch back. The switching will be like a massive tsunami in the next months before the mid-term elections. (IMO)

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It’s totally unrealisitc to think that brainwashed hacks in either party will suddenly start voting for the other side over any one issue.

The best anyone can hope is that we get all get poisoned more slowly.

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Just for a reality check, compare that source you Googled to Gallup polling through May 2022 :

That breakdown shows party afflitiation at 29% Republican, 39% Independent, 31% Democrat. And that’s the real news – Both parties are continuing to lose moderate voters sick of the toxic “culture war” bullshit.

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@JLoon: I didn’t google one source. I googled a phrase (probably the phrase was something like “how many Democratic voters switched to Republican) and I saw many links.

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@jca2 Again, ”many who feel that abortion should still be legal”
Your words. They indicate that abortion is/will not be legal because of the ruling. That is incorrect.

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Doubtful in my opinion.

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My friends who are pro-choice Republicans already voted for Biden, but I don’t know if they switched parties. I don’t know if they have moved to thinking that voting for any Republican now just reinforces how the party caters to the extremists in the party.

One of my Republican friends who is in this group often says it’s the old people in the party. Old politicians and old people voting. I don’t really think that’s the main problem, but maybe she knows better than me.

Florida is a closed primary state and our primaries are in August, so Independents might be choosing a party temporarily. Probably, a lot of independents here would choose Republican when forced to choose. My friends who I spoke of above are in Michigan, I don’t know if they have primaries coming up, or if that state is closed primary. Their governor is in the news a lot lately with the abortion issue.

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