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Is it wrong to not believe in God?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) October 17th, 2015 from iPhone

Hello, I bring this question up today because I’ve had too many people ask me why don’t I go to church like I use to. For as a child I was told to go to church, not asked if I wanted to go. I only enjoyed church because all my friends were their and we had fun. But when it came to the bible I never really read it, only the bible stories of course. An to me as a kid they were only “stories” I never believed they were real. But when I asked the elderly women at my church, “If God created us as it says in the bible stories and the bible, who created Him?” All they told me was not to question it, he is the all powerful, the almighty. (I went to a Baptist Church by the way). So since then I didn’t really believe he was real. An now that I’m an adult, all I think now is that we as human beings make our own paths by the choices we make in life. Not some all mighty powerful being controlling us, that makes me feel like I’m a puppet. Plus the bible has been rewritten millions of times and a lot can be changed so really I honestly don’t trust it and still find them nothing but stories created to teach children life lessons maybe. So, I don’t believe in God is that wrong?
Or is it okay?
I believe we make our own choses and our own fate. No one else conducts it, just us, as ourselves. So is it wrong that I think this way?
Because, I dont think its right to force a religion on your kid if your in that religion, I mean they should have a chose right?
I just want you guys opinion, I guess

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Which God? SOME might say the opposite. That believing in God is wrong. It’s your choice. Half of the planet will always be with you and the other half against you.

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The God that Christians believe in..i think I’m right..yup. Cause sadly I live in America…

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Wrong with who? Who will judge you? You just do your reading up, your questioning and thinking and do not worry. Do what is ethically right and don’t worry about what others say.

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If you do not believe in God, that is because you have not received sufficient evidence to believe.

It is only reasonable to withhold belief until proof is obtained.

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You have the choice to believe in (or not believe in) whatever you like. Just so long as you don’t think this choice affects reality.

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Thanks you guys~

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My own belief is that it’s “right” to believe or not believe as one wishes, so long as he or she refrains from proselytizing to others.

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Thanks Pachy :)
I like your answer~

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One’s belief system can neither be judged as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it is simply what you feel is true.
None of us will know whether our beliefs are correct, at least not while we exist in this realm.

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I’m an agnostic living in the bible belt. When I say I don’t believe people look at me like I am from mars. Belief in a Christian “god” is a petty cultural thing. It makes no genuine attempt to describe the world and our place in it.

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Not at all.

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@seek “It is only reasonable to withhold belief until proof is obtained.”

I think belief without proof is the very meaning of faith.

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At least you recognize that such a choice exists. Most are too lazy to bother.

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@Love_my_doggie – I don’t hold blind faith to be a virtue.

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@seek Neither do I. What would make you think that I find “virtue” in faith? All I did was offer an interpretation.

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Belief without proof is unreasonable.

I suppose I’m confused as to why you felt the need to tell me that belief without proof is the definition of faith. I am more than aware of what faith is and what it is not.

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Follow your own path, believe in gut feelings.

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It is neither wrong nor right for anyone but you. If you wish to do so and it brings you comfort then do so. Do not worry about what others do or say; they need to do what is right for them.

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Belief without proof is not belief at all. It’s “faith” or whatever. A little too convenient if you ask me

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I’m not understanding why you would ponder if it is wrong or right if you don’t believe.
Unless you have doubt? Than that is another matter.

When someone totally believes something to be certain, they do not care if its right or wrong, truth or lie.

If someone asked me to put my hand to hold back a wave from hitting the beach, I am certain, no, I know, that it is impossible to do so with my hand. I wouldn’t question if I am wrong.

So my point is, you need to ask yourself if you are certain that God and the bible are all tales, or is it possible that some of the stories may be true only exaggerated, or is it possible that God teaches us about faith by not answering all of our questions.

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Going to church does not make you a good christian. IT is how you live your life that does.

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It is not wrong to not believe, although some people think it is. If you choose to not believe, that is your choice and no one other person should/could tell you otherwise. If non-belief is right for you, then it is right.

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You have freewill; however, to not believe in God (since there is only one living God) carries consequences, sometimes before you die, but certainly after, that is physical death. It is not wrong to me, or should not be to anyone else, we are not God, and you will not answer to us upon your last breath here. To the Creator, you are dead wrong because in reality, you have enough to know that answer, but again, you have freewill to reject it.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me if I were there I would give you a standing ovation! Well said. It comes nowhere near explaining the plight of humanity, its reason for existence and its direction. Just plants fear into innocent minds who dare not even question.

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Nope, not at all. There may be some people who disagree with you, and some may even be angry, but in the end they can’t control your beliefs.

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“This above all else; to thine own self be true.” Wm. Shakespeare.

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I don’t think it is something we can just “choose’. Either you do or you don’t.

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As hard as you may try, you cannot force yourself to believe in something. Is it wrong to be unable to believe in something you’ve been given no proof of? I would say no. It’s not wrong to believe in it, ether. We are all trying to find our place, and should not be judged for it.

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No, I do not. I like the eastern philosophies.
I renounced my very diverse religious background decades ago.
Born/baptised Presbyterian raised methodist, baptised Latter Day Saint. Need I say more? lol
IF there is a God, I am more than covered, but I highly doubt it.

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@LazyMe10 Why did you say “sadly” you live in America in your first response? Where would you rather be living, and is it because of religion?

You do tend to get ostracized for believing in Gods other than the Christian God (or the One True God, as @HypocrisyCentral says it, as Catholics and some Unitarians also believe in God) in America. Being Muslim must be scary these days. If you ask them if it is wrong not to believe in God I’m sure they are made to feel that way regularly. Yet if you choose to believe in nothing then you are not judged as harshly. It can be confusing.

I agree with others in that you cannot force a belief in God. Some people believe they have “proof,” and that’s fine for them… But unless YOU have proof then you will always question it. And maybe even beyond that proof.

Proof may be as simple as dangling your feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon and feeling connected with how vast and amazing our world is, and feeling an ache inside that can only be described as your soul. Hell, some people have found proof in a burnt piece of toast. But you will know when you feel it, and when you question your doubt. And if there is a God, then God will know it, too. Do you need more than that? For me, questioning my doubts that there isn’t a God is a sliver of faith. Hopefully it’s enough to get me past those gates in the end.

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