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Have you heard that Clinton has withdrawn from the Presidential Race?

Asked by rojo (24159points) October 20th, 2015

Here is the article discussing her action.
What are your thoughts? Opinions? Options now?

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I won’t believe anything in the Borowitz Report until corroborated by The Onion.

Trey Gowdy wouldn’t have anything to do besides oiling his hair if Hillary dropped out.

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(This is how rumors and news via FB gets promulgated. Although I do know what the Borowitz Report is about and read it.)

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I listed humor, should have added satire as well

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“But shortly after Gowdy’s announcement, Clinton called an impromptu press conference at 9:13 to announce that she was jumping back into the race. “I was just trying to prove a point,” she told reporters, before heading off to campaign stops in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Gods, I love Borowitz. Hilarious.

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That’s funny, but the GOP is now so clearly on the defensive that she merely has to keep her cool and steer her answers back toward the blatantly obvious political motivation of the hearings to acquit herself nicely. The Repubs have painted themselves into a nasty corner where they can only stand and take a well deserved PR whuppin.

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@stanleybmanly Wouldn’t you like, just once, to see a defendent witness at a Congressional Hearing say: “Excuse me, I really have to go to the bathroom. Do you think I have time to do so during your grandstanding before you get to an actual question? Or do you actually have a question Senator?”

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sorry about the crabbiness. My heart just stopped for a mo.

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—I heard that Trump was all set to drop out of the race but Hilary talked him out of it.—-

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Not a political report. This was an attempt at humour by the author. Made up. Fiction. For giggles.

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@janbb I was having a heart attack too when I read that. President Trump seemed to real for my future and all my hopes would rely on Sanders unless Biden decided to run. :(
Actually, they say that Webb is dropping out.

@rojo Once I saw it was Andy Borowitz, my heart started pounding again. Whew! That is a mean joke to play. My opinion is I think we will never know what happened in Benghazi and the reason none of them really want to make anything public is because they all had a little role in how things happen.

I read conspiracy theories that it was actually a CIA operation in an Embassy gone wrong, and they couldn’t go in there quickly without tipping off that they were running guns. That is just one of many theories or stories floating out there. Another is that the story is a fabrication created to send arm troops in. Washington is all about misdirection. Look there, because I don’t want you to see what I am doing right here.

Whatever it is. I think Clinton isn’t worry because she knows everyone who was involved and would take them all down with her if they try to put all the blame on her. And I think there is enough dirt on both sides of the aisle that this will never see the light of day. Even long after they are dead and maybe the truth comes out, history will still tell a bunch of different stories and we will never know. So I won’t give myself a headache about it.

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I haven’t heard that and I watch the news all the time. Must be BS.

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It was Satire, @kritiper. Andy Borowitz writes political satire for The New Yorker..

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This relative of Hilary says it just ain’t true.

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Ooo- we need to pay more millions for Ken Starr to come back after his incredible success at finding nothing in Whitewater! Why he could get more greenage from Benghazi, easy peezy!
Bring him back from his spread on the Riviera…. Or was it Monte Carlo??

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