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What are some cell phones with Wifi?

Asked by mirza (5052points) July 17th, 2007

other than the iPhone , Nokia n95

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The Mogul, I believe has wifi

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n70 tablet - not a phone though

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iPhone of course and the T-Mobile Dash

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The Neo1973 from FIC will have wi-fi and is scheduled to arrive somewhere in October or September I believe. Some people have already ordered the phase1 deviced but those are for developers and don't have wi-fi and some other features yet. More information on .

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The Asus P525 has wi-fi but I've never used it myself so I don't know how good it is.

These reviews might help:
- MS Mobiles review of the Asus P525
- CNet Australia Review of the Asus P525

The Treo line of Smartphones unfortunately does not have wi-fi, but you can get wi-fi capability on the 700w and the 650 by getting a wi-fi card that fits into the SD Card slot. Not sure a wi-fi card is available for the 680, though.

I'm currently searching for my next smartphone and I'm hoping to find a unit that I'll like which has wi-fi.

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Ah, the soon to be released Blackberry 8820 has wifi.

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iPhone of course :)

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