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What are some actors that were once good, but nowadays ruin entire movies with their "I doeth not giveth a fuck" attitude?

Asked by ragingloli (47260points) November 1st, 2015

Actors like Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis
As opposed to actors who give it their all, no matter the role, like Ben Kingsley.

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Money. Willis, and for that matter Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson, act for the dollars. Depp used to be a pretty reasonable character actor, but he has gone way downhill and I think it’s about making $20/film regardless of how good it is.

It’s not just men, either. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and even Drew Barrymore have reduced themselves from being actresses to being money-grubbers.

Not everyone is like this, as you point out. Andie Macdowell seems to be making fewer but better films. George Clooney makes a minimal number of films, but they are of high quality. And the same for Tom Hanks.

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I can’t think of a one.

Every actor I thought was good is still making good movies.
Every actor I thought sucks still sucks. (Nicholas Cage: I’m looking at you!)

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Liam Neeson.. You can tell how many fucks he gives about any movie by his acting. And he admits he acts in a lot of shit movies that he would never willingly watch, but money is money. Difference is, he can still be good when he’s into a film.

Anthony Hopkins. Totally phoned in his role in Noah.

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Sir King Bensley… Dame Maggie Smith called him that on a talk-show in the UK, he doth not give much of a fuck actually and will go where the money is worthy of his Sir-dom ;)

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Robert De Niro. I can’t stand his comic mugging.

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Tom Cruise. He’s a arrogant ass, and he doesn’t even have a nice body but he thinks he does.

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Eddie Murphy went from BHC, Trading Places & Coming to America, to unfunny irritant in every movie he’s been in since.

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I agree with @ucme. He used to be cool. Now he’s just an asshole.

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There aren’t many; but these recent observations stand out in my mind.

George Clooney disappointed in Monuments Men, and in the trailer for Tomorrowland he was so bad, I lost any desire to see the movie.

We watched A Good Woman the other day, and Helen Hunt was sooooooo horribly bad, we we astonished.

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I was SOOOOOOOOOO disappointed in “Gravity.” Two of my favorite actors, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock….and, through no fault of their own I think, it was totally a insipid and stupid movie.

OK, damn it @hearkat! how did you do the underline?!

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^^ If she told you, she’d have to kill you. ~~~ However, I wondered that myself. At first I thought it was another Flutherish quirk, since there seem to be so many at times, but, it ain’t.

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I knew that making it a link would underline it, but I don’t know how to get the actual link out so that it doesn’t show orange. And I’m waiting and waiting for your link to load…

Ah! Got it!

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Robert DeNiro has been phoning in performances for several years now. A once great actor, I honestly cannot remember the last role in which he really had to stretch himself, or tap into his talent and emotional range.

I thought he was actually pretty funny in the first “Meet the Parents.” He’s always been an underratedly good comedic actor. But man, as far as him playing a compelling role in a drama or action movie…well, it’s been awhile. Maybe it was “Good Fellas” that was his last great role?

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